Friday, September 28, 2012


I just wanted to write about the person who inspires me the most these days.

Pamela Love.

She is an American jewelry designer based in NYC.

Pamela Love didn't actually started out in jewelry business.
Her background is in film, she got work as a stylist for photo shoots, music videos and films
and often felt that it's hard to find jewelry suited her taste for those projects.
That's why she started making her own pieces.

I found out about her from one of Garance Dore's Pardon my french video clips.
The video clip is about her tattoo parlor project -opening a pop-up tattoo shop during NYFW
where you can get her fabulous designs permanantly inked on your skin.

It sounds crazy, but I thought that's a brilliant idea!
If I was in new york, I would totally have got one already.

While I was watching it, the rings and necklaces that she was wearing in the video clip caught my eyes!
I had to google her name and look through her collections right away,
which I had never seen anything like that before and immediately fell in love with them.

Her inspirations come from nature, science, astonomy, religion and folk jewelry.
She uses bird skulls, claws, crosses and triangles a lot on her work,
they are chic, mystical, dark but stunning-beautiful, and full of spirit.

It's not just her work I love, I also love her unique personal style like her designs.
Pamela Love likes the contrast, loves pairing masculine with feminine, grungy with fancy.

more pictures of her style here

As resarching, I also found out that Love recently got married to illustrator Matthew Nelson.

Her wedding rings which of course she made herself look simple but elegant.
and I absolutely love her hippie-inspired wedding theme, off-white chiffon dress and romantic hair style.

photos from 100 layer cake

Pamela Love's jewelry line inspired me so much lately, I spent a good week reading up about her.
I thought it'd be nice to start off my blog with it.

I don't know how I am gonna warp this up tho.
Mmmmm............................................................. Bye, blog! :)

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