Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Early Halloween Party

Hi! Whoever reading my blog I hope you all having a great day :)

My first halloween experience was in Newyork back in 2009.
I had to study English in ELS institute for 2 month to intern in Walt Disney World.(Yes, I did an internship in Disney World and it was awesome! :D)
I was quite amazed to see all people dress up like zombies, Sookie from True Blood, super heroes and whatever.
I mean, I've had heard about it but it was the first time I saw it for real!
Since then I got to love halloween so much.

But unfortunately, we don't celebrate halloween in Korea. :(
Since my closest friends love halloween just like me, we were like,
why don't we celebrate it?
We through a halloween party last saturday at Carrie's and it was so much fun!

We were thinking of a pot-luck party then got so lazy and just order some papa jones and chicken.... ;p

Boo ya!

We all wore this cute glow in dark Skeleton earrings

Super cute cupcakes from Manopin :)

  Spike party!
Two princesses that joined our party :) Khiana and Anaya!

It would have been awesome we could easily get more halloween decoration and stuff in Korea,
but at least we got the halloween themed cupcakes! :)

I can't wait to go back to the states and celebrate halloween there.

Anyways, happy halloween everybody!

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