Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Korres Korea Launching Party + Reviews

It's quite rare for me to go out on weekdays after work  especially when it's cold like thesedays,
but I was pretty excited to do so because I was invited to Korres Korea's Launching Party :)

I've heard so many good things about this Greek brand through lots of beauty blogs (Pictures down below from Thunder+Threads & Beauty Crush) from other countries, I was dying to try their products!


 So I googled and found out that they opened a store in Korea not long ago, having a launching party soon! Luckily I made it to their guest list and they said I could bring along some of my friends.

The party was quite chilled.
As soon as we arrived, a staff gave us nice sweet quince tea.

After checking our coats,we got to talk to the founder of the company, George Korres,
I told him my skin type which is combination and what issues I had with my skin, he wrote down what line would be good for me on a paper slip so I would know what to try.

They prepared nice bottled sangria and finger food like little greek salad cups and financiers topped with dry fruits and nuts. The salad was amazing, all of us had like 3 each! Hahaha

And then we went to the make-up section and I got a mini-makeover.
I finally tried their Lip Butters and they were so awesome, my favorite was plum one.
I love it because it's got nice color and sweet herbal scent to it (which isn't overpowering,I hate lipbalms that have strong scent, they give me headaches) and I could really tell the ingredients are natural by applying only once.
I will definately purchase one when I get my pay check (I did too much shopping this month...)

They have 4 main product lines which are Quercertin & Oak, Wild Rose, Yogurt and Pomegrante.
I personally liked the Wild Rose line the best, especially Wild Rose 24-Hour Moisturising and Brightening Cream simply because it was light formula and still moisturised my skin well enough.

 I literally wanted to buy all of their body products, they all had heavenly scent.
If I had to pick up the best 3, it would be Jasmine, Guava and Coconut milk.

When we were leaving, a nice surprise was waiting for us, their gift bags!!
Every bag had different stuff in it but mine had samples of Milk Proteins 3 in 1 Cleasing Emulsion, Quercetin & Oak Day Cream and Thyme Honey 24Hour Moisturising Cream and a travel-size Guava Body Butter and a FULL-SIZE Quercetin & Oak Day Cream in a big size pouch!

I couldn't wait to try them so I tried Milk Proteins 3 in 1 Cleansing Emulsion, the body butter and Thyme Honey 24Hour Moisturising Cream last night and Quercetin & Oak Day Cream this morning.
I didn't care too much about the Cleasing Emulsion because I am a Cleasing Water person, it was quite oily for me to be honest. But I love everything about this Thyme Honey 24Hour Moisturising Cream, the scent and the texture! When I woke up this morning, my face felt really nice and mosturized. Quercetin & Oak Day Cream is a little too thick for me but well, it's winter time so it's still nice to use something rich than usual or I could use it at night. I really like the herbal scent with a light oak touch, too.
And last but not least! Guava Body Butter mmmm so yammy!!
My body get super dry during fall/winter I often get itchy skin I have to mix body lotion with body oil and apply it because just body lotion is not enough! But I only used this body butter today, it made my skin really smooth and so far no itchy skin:)

I have to say it is quite overpriced compare to how much they sell in other countries.
But I am willing to purchase the products because they don't do animal testing and I feel like I can trust their natural ingredients.

I am so happy that I had the oppotunity to try out so many different things from Korres
and my girls and I had a great time at the party.


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