Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Lush / You Snap The Whip

I was chosen as a beauty tester of the month for Lush!
Yay :D

The product I got to review is You Snap The Whip.
I got the package from Lush a few days ago,
I couldn't wait to get home and try it!!

I would explain You Snap The Whip is like body scrub + body butter than just body butter.
Basically what you do is to rub the bar over your damp skin and it leaves little exfoliators and gray liquid.
You exfoliate your skin with them.

The size is quite small, a little smaller than my palm.
It smells gorgeous, just like cherry + bubblegum to me (blackcurrant supposed to be haha)
and does exfoliate my skin well.
After using it, my skin was left lightly scented and silky smooth.
but I had to put another layer of body lotion on my elbows, knees and heels because my skin gets pretty dry during winter time.

I saw a lot of reviews about how quickly You Snap The Whip melts away.
But I've been using Lush products quite long time now,
I know some of the products (for examples soap bars, shampoo bars and body butters) you have to take good care (by keeping them dry and cutting them into small piece for them to last long) because Lush doesn't use preservatives on most of the products.
Fresh is their motto and I think they are doing a good job keeping their motto.
Anyways since You Snap The Whip has the quick melting aspect, I cut it into a few pieces and put it into a soap dish, then it was totally fine to use!

I've used it 3-4 times and 1/4 of the product is gone after that.
I don't have to exfoliate everyday, I think that would be too harsh for my skin.
Just 2-3times a week is enough.
So I believe one You Snap The Whip bar would last a little more than a month.

I have to say though that it makes a little bit of a mess, left grey splatters on my shower wall.
And price-wise, I wish lush was more afordable in Korea, You Snap The Whip is 19000won(USD18).

I think that this product is like marmite.
People like it, they love it and people don't like it, they hate it so much.
Personally I liked it a lot just wish it was less expensive like in other countries.

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