Friday, November 2, 2012

My First Nike Run

I've had always wanted to participate in one of these races,
but somehow I missed the chances.

Luckily enough, one day I was talking to a friend,who I don't get to see often and
she said she was going to do We Run Seoul 10K by Nike and the registration day was coming soon
and I didn't want to miss it this time.
I wanted to run not just because it's a cool event but to me, acieving something is fascinating.

On the day of registration, I was on my computer at work waiting the site to open at 11am.
Oh my god, it was so took forever to open the page and go to the next page.
That happened probably because they only take 30,000people for this run and only top 10,000 can attend their Nike Expo thing which I couldn't get in.

I practiced running 10K using the Nike plus app (which by the way I used for the first time and it's awesome!)
It took me an hour and 23 mins and I almost died from sore muscles for next 4 days or so.

A week before the event, Nike sent me a packet of a dry-fit shirt and a belkim arm band.
About the t-shirt, I liked the material and the color combination of black and bright neon green,
but I thought it would have been better if it didn't have shirring on the sides and had slits instead.

Mine was black and yellow & Cheonghee's was gray & pink

Oct 28th 2012 finally came, I felt so ready when I woke up in the morning.
It was quite chilly although the sun was out so I had to layer a hoodie and a polapolis zip up jacket.
I met up with the friend, Cheonghee, who I ran together around noon
We had Oh my chicken sandwich, Maple banana ricotta cheese panini and green grape juice for brunch
at Long Bread in Yeouido.

 I look grumpy because I was hungryyyyy..oh and I am not pouting it's my braces!
We all had to lace this chip up so they track down how long each of us took to finish.

After the brunch, we headed to Yeouido park where the run finish line was so we could deposit our bags and stuff.

The depositary bags for our group :)

We took a few photos there and made our way to Gwanghwamun where we start.
It was pretty cool that they ran several event booths like Nature Valley the oatmeal bar, Powerade and a few others.

Before the run, they had some trainers come up to little stages on the side and teach some warm-up excercise, we followed their moves.
And yes of course, we did Gangnam style the horse dance for excercise... hahaha.
I think we ran the first 2 kilometers pretty easily and passed ahead of exhausted slow runners (more like walkers..)
and then my friend said she couldn't run anymore so we "walked fast like running slowly" for next a few kilometers.
It felt quite amazing to run car-free roads with so many people running for so many different reasons.

When we got to the bridge over the Han river, I saw beautiful sunset over Seoul's skyline.
My itunes was playing 'Who You Are' by Jessie J that I downloaded after watching Jillian Jenson's X-Factor heart-breaking performance.
I have been struggling to find what I really want to do with my life.
The reason I think why is basically because I didn't get to learn about myself enough during the time I should have been able to. Thinking back when I was in middle school and high school, what I did was really study, study and study. That's what I believed I had to do and what my parents wanted me to do.
In college, I was into foreign culture, spent a year each in China, Australia and the U.S.A to learn their culture and to travel around. I had so much fun and made so many good friends and memories I wouldn't been able to do if I stayed in Korea. I never never regret that I spent that much time doing that but here's the part of my life I think I could have done a lot better. After I came back I was senior already,most of the people told me I had to do stuff that will make my resume look nice. I thought I could get high scores on those language test certificates and use them to get a good job.  And I did get a fairly good job even before the graduation, my parents are so proud of me working for such a big well-known company and  thought I would be happy.
I've been working for a little more than a year now.
My job's pretty stable and not too too difficult but I still feel that I don't belong here.
I am an active and creative person and sitting in the office all day made me think I am wasting my precious time and not going anywhere.
I have known it's just not me but I didn't know how to deal with it so kind of been ignoring the voice inside of me.
I've been talking about this with the people who care about me these days and finally realized that I really gotta do something about it.
I've always been into fashion.
but somehow working in fashion industry to me was too scary and serious, I must have got chicken feet.
I can't just quit my job now and jump into another career with no educations and experiences and still have to wait to save up for the school but I've been drawing some stuff and reading a lot.
I am so so happy that I found something for me and started somewhere already.

Anyways, running on the long long bridge that doesn't look like it's going to end,
I was looking back all this stuff I went through.
I thought about how grateful I am for that the people who I have around me encouraged and inspired me and how it finally made me feel like me again!

And this is the bridge I was talking's so long isn't it? photo by Nikerunningkorea

After the bridge, we had only 2 kilometers ahead, we were like RUNNNN!!!
They turned a tunnel almost into a club playing Party Rock Anthem really loudly and had crazy cool lighting inside. We were so hyped up and felt we were so close to the end.

Then we ran around the corner and the finish line was there!
Passing that line was one of the best feelings ever !!!
I thought I would cry like Sussie Bubble did when she did the half marathon,
I gave Cheonghee a high-five and was cheesing instead :)

We collected our medals after, it's not gold but the first medal I've ever got for running!
Joe, my boyfriend, came to support us, met up with him after.
It would have been nice to stay for the concert but we were so tired/cold/starving...
We went to a Chinese lamb skewer spot instead hahaha.

The medals and some Polaroid pictures we took after the run, I forgot to take some with my phone and camera at the venue..

Well, I just wanted to say that it was such an amazing experience,
I will definately go for the Nike Women's Race 7K again in may next year.
If there's anybody hesitated to do it or thought of doing it but couldn't like me,
I strongly recommend to do it.
It's not too overwhelmingly hard, you can walk between like we did.
Just do it with your friends, or your family, whoever you love and care.
This will be one of those good memories to cherish together.

That was the longest writing ever! :)


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