Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Tim Burton Exhibition

Hi, all!
Morning from Sydney :)
I couldn't post because I was too busy organizing this trip.
But yeah, I am here to post about the Tim Burton Exhibition I went just before I left Korea.

Good thing we went early, it got super packed a bit later! They had people line up and wait to get it..
Tim Burton brought 700pieces of his art works out here.
I had no idea how many that was at first, but I am letting you know that my feet were started hurting when I went through half! hahaha
It's too bad they didn't let us take pictures us.
But I managed to take a few pictures in the hallway.

How adorable is this drawing?!

The most admired Halloween/Christmas movie :)


They had costumes from the first batman movie, too!
I thought that was pretty cool :)

I am gonna try to post a bit when I get a chance,
but if I can't, I will do it as soon as I get back.
Merry Christmas , everyone!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

THE LITTLE BLACK JACKET in Seoul by Karl Lagerfeld

The Karl Lagerfeld exhibition has finally came to Korea!
The exhibition features more than 100 black and white images featuring some of the celebrities' faces from the world of fashion, art, film and music shot by Karl Lagerfeld and styled by Carine Roitfeld.
I noticed most of the faces but some of them I had to frown and look at the name tag to check who they were. But you know I am always open to learn more and at least this was fun stuff to study :)
I was so surprised by how a simple black jacket can look so diffrent when worn by different people.
From Alexa Chung to Kanye West, from Alexander Wang to Hyegyo Song (a Korean actress!; the girl in skate shoes above), from Alice Dellal (the new icon of Chanel, I love her punky vibe!) to one of my favorite models,Anja Rubik! It is a jacket for all. The jacket is absolutely timeless, ageless and genderless.
I really enjoyed his last photography exhibition as well, it was so nice to see his new project so soon.
It's free and you can take one poster home (you can choose one from Alexa Chung. Hyegyo Song, Alice Dellal and Poppy Delevingne) Aw, I got to choose two because I was there with my bf :) and I chose Alexa Chung and Alice Dellal! I believe it's till Dec 16th, if you haven't check it out yet (and of course if you are currently in Korea), here's the address!

Address: Beyond Museum
49-21 Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
(Exit.9 of Cheongdam station on Metro line no.7)

Oh, I am posting a few pictures of what I wore for the exhibition.
It snowed a day before, the streets were icy and super slippery so I had to wear sneakers to be safe..

Fur coat // H&M
Denim shirt // Topshop
AAish Leggings // Aw..I got it online but don't remember where it was :(
Bag // Zara
Sneakers // Nike


Monday, December 10, 2012

DIY: Bloody Lips Phonecase

I've been looking for a painting for my new phonecase..
I saw this cool painting on someone's instagram and thought, hmmm this could be my next painting! :)

The wrinkles on the lips were quite hard to paint but I truly enjoyed painting these bloody lips!
I used acrylic paint like the last time I painted the rottweiler and clear nail vanish to give it a nice shiny touch.

Now...what should I paint next? :)

Layers and More Layers!

Winter is no joke in Korea.
Last weekend was super super cold, I had to layer more.
This was my Friday date night outfit :) We watched Rise of the Guardians, it was so much fun!

Coat // Mango
Denim Jacket // H&M Dragon Tattoo Collection
Jumper // Daily Monday (Korean site)
Sleeveless // H&M
Jeans // H&M
Boots // H&M
Bag // Zara
Necklace // Forever 21

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Little Crosses

I saw the weather forecast today, it said the temperature will drop to -10c!
So I had to make sure I wear warm enough through the day :)
By the way, I bought this little crosses printed see-though shirt at Pull & Bear a while ago and I love it so much!
Here's what I wore to work today.

Fur Collar // H&M
Shirts // Pull & Bear
Jumper // Spao
Leggings // H&M
Leather Jacket // H&M Dragon Tattoo Collection
Bag // Zara
Neacklace // Forever 21

Ahh it's snowing super heavily in Korea right now..I hope that everybody stays warm.
Bye! :)

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

One of my obessessions: Socks!

I love wearing sneakers,
so I became obssessive with socks to match with...
because you know when you wear sneakers, you dress casual,
I think nice colors or patterns of the socks add a little fun to the look especially in winter!

Here are some pictures of the socks that I bought recently :)

I will be posting about my other obssessions soon :)
What are your obssessions?