Thursday, January 24, 2013

My Birthday Wishlist!

So it's my birthday in a few days..
I had this Birthday Wishlist for a while, 
it just took me quite a long time to edit the photos because I am new to photoshop.
I got some gift from the wishlist already! :)
But I will post up about the birthday hangout and gifts that I got some time next week.

1.Laugh with me LeeLee eau de toilette // Benefit 
I used to use Maybe Baby a long time ago, it was like a staple for years and I started to try other fragrances.
Recently I've been missing it a lot then I found Laugh with me LeeLee.
Somehow it's very similar to Maybe Baby to me but slightly different I should say less sweet.
I want to add a girly perfume to my collection cause I know it's a little early to say but it will be spring soon!

2.Watt's up // Benefit
Simply I am almost out of highlighter!

3.Skull Bracelet // A-land(Pinknoodles)
I will take anything skull seriously...this one looks like it can be layered with my other bracelets and watches easily :)

4.Stella McCartney x Adidas High Top Sneakers
Such cool shoes, aren't they?
I've never really worn high tops before except converse ones.
Recently I am dying to get a pair!

5.Marc Jacobs Rain Perfume
This is one of the limited editions...Oh it's so refreshing!
When I sniffed it for the first time, I was like.. What is this? I want one right naaaaauuuw!

6.M Soft Mauve 225 // Shu Uemura
I don't really try enough blushers.
I am using Dandelion from benefit and M Soft Apricot 521 and finally got bored!

7.Charisma Skin Tint // Lush
My skin get tanned easily during the summer which I love but then once winter starts it just get pale so fast!
Grrrrr... I want nice & warm glowy look on my face! 

8.1460W // Dr.Martins
I don't think I need any explanations for this one.
I mean Docs are so versatile, they can be matched with leggings, jeans and even dresses!

I think my very first photoshop work turned out alright! :)
Hopefully it takes less time next time...I spent a whole day today to make that thing haha

It's almost weekend.
I hope you all had/have a good Thursday!

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