Monday, January 7, 2013

What I ate in Sydney!♥

I still can't believe that it's already been a week since I came back from Australia.
Time does fly! 
So I mentioned about how great the food in Sydney was in my previous post.
I had to separate these food pictures simply because I have so many of them...Haha
Here are the pictures of what I had in Sydney!

Thai Chicken Curry Pie @Pie face

 Stir-fry with fried egg noodles made by Joe's mom mmmm

I teamed up with Joe's sister and cousin and made these little red velvet cupcakes! :)

Pho!! I forgot where we had it :( 

Calamari / Fish&chips @main street of Manly beach
The calamari was crispy outside and super tender inside! 

 Lebanese Chicken @El Jannah's 
Oh my god, the garlic sauce was heavenly.
Aw, I loved their hommus too :)

Chinese pork bun @forgot where we bought this again..
I wish I took a picture of inside, it's got BBQ pork, an egg, mushrooms.
So so juicy and tasty! 

Honeycomb cupcake @Somewhere in the Parramatta shopping mall
The honey butter cream icing is a killer!
Love Crunchie on top<3

 Calamari / Papaya Salad @Banh Dach 
We had a lot of viet food, I love it because they cook food in very healthy ways.

 Chorizo Hotdog @Gourmet Sausage
It was a bit salty for me, but the sausage was really juicy and it had sun-dried tomatoes(I love them!!) 
Macaroons @Zumbo 
Mint Chocolate/ Milkshake/ Hazelnut /Lamington/ Blackened Vanilla / Berry

Bavarian apple pancakes @Pancakes on the Rocks
Aw we had a blueberry one but I got too excited, forgot to take a picture of it.
I liked both of them!
I love anything with cinnamon really.

 Pho made by Joe's mom
She is the best cook in the world! 
Seriously the best pho I've tasted :)

I love mango and I love macadamia!!
This was like heaven in my mouth...

Mmmmm this was the first thing I see when I wake up in the morning.
Joe's dad loves coffee, 
he made me a really nice cup of coffee every morning :)
How cute is that?!

Well...who doesn't? :D
Good foods always make me happy, even looking at them haha
so I wanted to share these pictures here.
Anyways, hope all had/have a good Monday!
Byeeeee :)


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