Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Lush Snow Globe Soap & Bubblegum Lip Scrub │ Review

If you use Lush soaps, you probably know this little tip; cut them into small pieces so they last longer.
I cut my Snow Globe in half when I first got it.
And I was about to use the other half the other day,
since I tried half of it already I thought I could write a quick review here,
took a few photos of it and Bubblegum Lip Scrub that I bought in Aus :)

Even though this is part of Lush's Christmas collection and it doesn't smell christmasy at all,
I must say the scent is still amazing.
It just smell like freshly made lemonade.
While it is pretty strong, not too overwhelming in the shower,
I love to use it in the morning especially.
I know it's for body but the lovely Lush lady who help me out recommended to use it on face as well.
So I tried it on my face, I like to use it both on my face and body!
It lathers beautifully, I get good creamy foam.
and leaves my skin feeling really clean too! :)

My lips all went dry and rough this winter somehow, they were bleeding and the dead skin was peeling..
I needed a solution to this.
So I looked up what could help me and luckily found this product! :)

Bubblegum contains Castor sugar and organic jojoba oil, the castor sugar exfoliates your lips and get rid of dead skin and the jojoba oil leaves your lips smooth and moisturized.
It does smell like bubblegum, the scent is delicious!
I use this every night in the shower,
start by wetting my lips, getting some scrub on my finger then applying it in circular motions around my lips.
The trick is to apply thick layer of lip balm as soon as I get out of the shower.
Then I find my lips so soft the next morning.
My lips are thanking me for treating them with it daily!
So, over all a great product, fun to use as well.


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  2. I never knew this tip!! Thanks :)

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