Tuesday, January 8, 2013

On a relaxing weekend

I didn't really feel like doing much this weekend
Not after unpacking, cleaning and all that jazz during the week.
I always want another vacation to recover from a vacation! haha
I met up with a friend for a really good Vin Chaud in the Saturday morning ,
and then another friend came out in the afternoon, we went on a bakery tour :)
I ♥ good pastries!
Aw we tasted the new starbucks beverage, espresso shot green tea latte.
It's basically green tea latte with an espresso shot in it, I should say it was pretty nice!
I heard they changed the green tea powder to the one from Jeju Island, Korea where is famous for good green tea.
It's certainly bitter than before, but I like the taste of it :)

 Coat // Mango
Jeans // H&M
Boots // Ugg
Bag // Mulberry


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