Friday, January 4, 2013

Snapshots from my Australia trip

G'day mate! :)
Again, it's been long since I posted anything!
I've been to Sydney twice already,
but I was still super excited because this time I went to see my boyfriend's family for Christmas!
I flew to Sydney on Dec 22th and came back to Seoul on the 31st.
Sydney's one of my favorite cities.
I love their architecture, the food is amazing and people are laid back and kind!
So here are the pictures from the trip that I want to share.

My favorite fruit: Mangosteen<3 mmmmmm 
We managed to get to the city while we were transferring at KL,
went to Jalan Alor and had some decent local food :)

So....!! These guys are what I picked up in duty-free stores :)

Mulberry Alexa over-sized bag
Rebecca Minkoff mini Mac
Benefit They're real mascara and Habana glama make-up kit
Body shop kabuki brush
Hunter rainboots

Oh my god, I LOVE duty-free shopping in Korea!!
I will post a duty-free shopping in Korea guide some time soon.
I bought these at half prices of what they sell in regular department stores :) 

I must say that I am so in love with this kit!
It's got everything I need.
Especially the eye shadows are amazing, they are neutral shades so it's really easy to blend with any other colors.

 My holiday nails :)
It felt awesome to be in my sandals again when it's -13 degree back home!

Christmas present opening with the family!
Aw this is my boyfriend, Joe :)

Look what I got :) My boyfriend and his family got me a Dre! How dope is this?!

We went to a gardening store to find some trees and roses for the garden of the new house!
I tried to open my eyes but the sun was too bright haha
But yeh this was my outfit of the day!
I've been wearing this pleather leggings out lately, they go with everything :)

I grabbed this bright red color for nails because it's summer in Aus :D

But I will tell you a sad story... we don't have it in Korea.
So the first place I wanted to shop at was Topshop :)
I always wanted to get a camo something and finally found some!
Slip-on sneakers and a jaket.

Close-up on the accessories! :) 

Aw and I found this adorable flowery collar.

I can't wait to try these hats! 
I bought the leopard one in Topshop and the other one is from General pants.
Both of them were on sale :)

I was so happy to find this bath bomb, 
it's called 'Golden wonder' and I believe it's one of those Christmas limited items.
I wanted to get one in Korea, but it was sold out on-line and off-line!
So I had to pay a visit to lush while I was in Aus :)
Aw and I bought a bubblegum lip scrub just because it's twice the price here.
I will put up a review about this later when I use it!

In front of the Habour bridge.
 The bridges and buildings in Sydney are so beautiful!

First a few days in Sydney were a bit cooler than what I expected,
so I had to layer long sleeves.

Opera House! and my whole outfit of the day :)

Shopping in Myers in Parramatta :)

Loving my new shoes <3

Off to Taronga zoo

Arm party & finger friends

It was sprinking a little bit earlier but we had such beautiful weather for outdoorsy stuff :)
Guess what's my favorite animal!

Giraffe!!! :)

Going out to the city, woo-hoo!

Joe's friend took us to Fresh water beach! I enjoyed finally using some sun :)

The water was super clean...!

It was so not fair I couldn't surf in this clean and beautiful sea :(
We had so much to do because it was a day before I left Aus.

A cute little cafe near Manly beach.

Walking down the main street near Manly to get some fish & chips :D

All dressed up for my last night in Sydney!

I love Darling's pretty as much as its name!

I wanna put up the pictures of what I ate in Sydney,
but there are so many of them, 
I think I'm gonna have to do a food special posting seperately hahaha.
But anyways, I had great times in Aus thanks to Joe's family and friends.
Now I am filled with positive energy and so ready to kick off 2013!
I hope all my readers had a happy new year.

Thanks for reading,

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