Monday, February 18, 2013

Tricky weather outfit :)

I hate when the weather forecast say it would be warm so I wear less thick clothes,
and it turned out to be cold :(
Unfortunately, Korean weather forecast isn't very accurate...that happens a lot.
It was another day that they said it would warm up a little bit,
of course I was worried it gets cold later in the day, so I wanted to bring an extra layer with me.
What I did was just to wrap this black & red flannel shirts around my bum
so I can wear it when I feel little chilly. 
And it was a great idea! :)
Aww and I saw this cool North Face fur hat, really wanted to buy it
but it's quite pricy and it will be spring soon so I am still thinking...gah
Anyways I hope everybody's having a good day!

Friday, February 8, 2013

The First Ring I Made :)

I have been so busy for past a few days preparing for my US visa.
Yes!! I am really moving to the states!!
All these paper works are stressing me out
but Taiwan trip is coming up pretty soon so I can't really complain :)

I started taking Jewelry making course last month.
I am enjoying it so much and just finished making the first ring :) Yay!
It's really simple design but I gotta start from something small, right?

It's been super cold in Korea this week.
I'm already exhausted from taking classes twice a week after work
and the weather makes me even more tired..
Hopefully it warms up a bit next week and I go out do fun stuff to blog about :)

Hope you all staying warm!