Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Benefit Special !

Hi, everyone!
I got quite a few benefit products from my friends for my birthday.
I couldn't wait to post about them, took these pictures 
but I wanted to give myself a good while try these products to post on here.
So I got a full size of Watt's Up, Laugh with Me Lee Lee Perfume and samples of B.Right Radiant Skin Care 3 piece Intro Kit and Bella Bamba Blush.

I've been using Mac's Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft and gentle 
as a highlighter for almost my entire cosmetic life.
Well, I tried out High Beam before, but I didn't really like the pale glow on my face.
I was looking for a decent highlighter to try out for long long time.
And I saw Watt's up on a lot of beauty channels on Youtube and wanted to give it a try!
I thought it would be much easier to use
simply because you don't need a brush to apply it, it's just a stick to rub on your face
and it's got an applicator at the other end.
But somehow I found it quite hard to use
I think simply because I am just really used to powder type highlighters 
 and probably because it's got another little cap inside the cap where the highlighter is in,
I have to remove the cap of  the other side to use the smudge tip.
I felt that it's pretty annoying I have to go through so many caps to use this one product!
But I started using it by how ohhaiclaire(check out her channel, she's awesome!) uses it  
which is putting it on my fingers first and dabbing it on the face.
I fell in love with it :)
I personally think it's much better than putting it straight onto my face from the stick
and using applicator to blend it out.
It's warm peachy gold color and gets your face really soft and natural glow.

I have been carrying Laugh with Me Lee Lee in my purse ever since I got it.
It's pretty petite so I will probably be really sad when it run out sooner than other perfumes,
but a good thing about small size of it is easy to just throw it in my purse :)
I also love the cute packaging!
Spraying some Laugh with Me Lee Lee in the morning on my way to work brightens up my day.
It's got lily, jasmine as top note and woody and amber as base,
the scent is feminine and classy but not overpowering.

Aw I love Benefit's boxed blushes, my favorite one is Dandelion.
I've been dying to try some other blushes as well,
Bella Bamba was one of them :)
so I was really happy when I got this little sample of it!
Bella Bambe Boxed Powder is a gorgeous peachy-medium pink with pale gold shimmer-sheen.
it is quite pigmented like everybody say.
 I actually like its intensity.
I can tone down everything else and use this as a point make-up
or I can blend it out to wear it as everyday make-up.

When I went on a Taiwan trip, I brought this B.Right Radiant Skincare Kit with me.
I have to say the scent is amazingly refreshing.
Moisture Prep Toning Lotion made my skin really hydrated.
What I like about It's Potent Eye Cream is the light weight.
I don't really have dark circle issue and it's particulary for that
so it can't be my favorite eye cream, Kiehl's Avocado Eyecream is still my favorite :)
And Total Moisture Facial Cream was really really nice for night time use,
but I wouldn't recommend to use it daytime, it was pretty heavy, it made my skin little oily as well.
Maybe because I was in warm/humid country.
I still use the rest of it at night, my skin is so smooth and moisturized the next morning!

Wow, such a long post!
Hope you all doing well :)

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