Monday, March 25, 2013

oversized coat + camo jacket

Winter seemed like it was ended and came back :(
What a bummer.
Come Spring Come!!!
I can't wait to get to southern part of Korea this weekend.
Man I am talking about weekend and it's only Monday..Gah
I've been super busy taking a Jewelry Design course and a Jewelry Making Course.
Taking courses after work is definately tiring
but it will pay off in the future, right?
I will try to put up some pictures of my work here soon.
Till then, PEACE : D

Beanie // SSUR
Sunnies // Asos
Coat // 8 seconds
Camo Jacket // Topshop
Random White Shirt
Leggings // H&M
Sneakers // New Balance
Bag // Mulberry


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