Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Jeju Island - Day 1

Hello! :)
I've been trying to put up the pictures of me when my boyfriend Joe and I were in Jeju Island last weekend.
Jeju Island is the biggest island in Korea, it takes about an hour from Seoul, the capital.
Since volcano happend long long time ago and it is almost at the southern end,
the weather's very different, people there speak their own dialect and food is unique!
We already been there like a year ago, we loved it so much, had to come back here.
Even thought the weather didn't really help us, it was super super windy, cloudy and rainy,
We managed to eat delicious food and have fun :)
The first two pictures were taken around Kimnyeong Beach Drive which is really beautiful.
Last time when we went down to the island,
I so wanted to go to this 'To be a whale' Cafe(Goraega doel Cafe) but we didn't get to go,
we tried it this time!
That's where the third photo's taken, isn't it amazing? It's right by the ocean and their coffee was super nice.
Joe tried this 'Zorba Coffee', it's really strongly spiced turkishy coffee. 
Different from your regular coffee, but it was really good!
Aw and we took a ferry to this Udo(U-Island) where we had so much fun riding ATV last time.
It was so windy and chilly, that took some fun away 
but still we took good photos and tried the giant Ann burger @House of Ann.
The last picture was taken in Udo, by a cute cafe named Haha Hoho Cafe.
It's been a few days since I came back to Seoul,
I already miss and the food, too! 

Denim Jacket // Forever 21
Leopard Track Top // Jeremy Scott X Adidas
White Sleveless Dress // H&M
Boots // Dr.Martens
Bag // Mulberry

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