Thursday, April 11, 2013

Jeju Island - Day 2

Sometimes it scares me how fast time flies.
I mean it was New years a second ago, it's already April.
It's crazy!
I guess it means I am living a good life and having fun, yeh?
Anyways, here's the look of Day 2 in Jeju.
I wasn't going to put on the denim jacket but it was crazy windy again,
I had to wear it on top of what I was wearing.
My man and I went to Yeomiji Botanical Garden.
I had to take a photo in front of the cactus garden, because I love cactuses :D
They are so weird and beautiful if that makes sense haha
And then we went to Ripley's Believe it or not Museum,
didn't really planned to go but Joe saw it driving by, 
thought it'd be cool to check out.
We had a lot of fun seeing an eye-popping guy, Voodoo dolls and other freaky stuff that they had in there.
Hope you all have/had a good day!
Byeeee :)

Denim Jacket // Forever 21
Leather Jacket // V.O.V.
Tatan shirts // Uniqlo
Black Damaged Shorts // Forever 21
Boots // Dr.Martens
Bag // Mulberry Alexa Oversized


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