Friday, April 19, 2013

Lush review :: Herbalism and Whoosh

Hello :)
I've been trying to edit all the video clips that I filmed in the island together ,
I have to tell you editing vids is not easy at all!
So that will be up soon, my first video. Yay!

If you've been reading my blog, you already know I am such a Lush fanatic.
I wanna talk about Herbalism which is a staple item in my skincare routine 
and a new product I tried out, Whoosh!

Well, It's been already two to three years now since I've been using Herbalism.
My skin used to be super sensitive, 
it just broke out quite a lot and turned red easily when it's cold or hot.
I had to find something to help the problem.
That's when I tried Herbalism.
It's basically a cleanser and it works as an exfoliator too.
I use it 4 to 5 times a week.
So here's my almost everyday skincare routine :)
1.Remove the makeup using Cleansing water(I use Bioderma Sensibio)
2.Wash the face with a facial soap
3.Pinch a bit of Herbalism out with dry hand
(you don't want to wet the product to keep it fresh!)
4.Smoosh it up in your hand and apply the paste to your skin.
5.Gently rub against my face focusing on oilier area
(like around nose and forehead)
6.Leave it for a few minutes
(meanwhile I brush my teeth :) )
7.Rinse my face thoroughly with warm water.
(make sure there's no residue on the face!)
My previously red and irritated skin was left clean and smooth 
after using this product for a while.
I should say the smell isn't everybody's tho.
It's got strong vinegary herbal smell but I guess now I am used to it,  
it doesn't bother me anymore.
I am so glad I tried it out when I had acne problems before,
it totally worked for me.
I would recommend this if you have combination / red / sensitive / irritated skin.

Aw Korean Lush web site had this event pole thing a while ago,
I voted for fun,
and lucky me, I won a prize!!! :D
They sent me Snow Globe and Whoosh.
I already reviewed Snow Globe which is my favorite body & facial soap,
so you can check it out here if you want.
These two have exactly same scent 
they smell like a citron bomb if that makes sense haha, really clean and refreshing :)
They have grapefruit, lime and lemon.
but Snow Globe is a hard soap bar,
and Whoosh is shower jelly!
So it's got that boing boing feeling just like jelly, super fun to use it!
You can either rub it directly to your wet skin or rub it to shower ball
and it lathers great too.
But after a few times of using it, it started to fall apart if I take it out to lather..
this could be a con :(
So I stopped taking the whole thing out now, 
instead just take out a small bit and use that.
I still can't hate it because of the smell and texture!

Almost Friday night, almost weekend.
Hope you all have/had a good day!

Byeee :)


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  2. Lush products are so great and smell so well! I really like it!

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