Friday, April 26, 2013

Neutral Wishlist

After adding lots of bright colors to my wardrobe,
now I think I need more Neutral to mix & match! 
So I came up with this Neutral Wishlist :)

1.Round-shape Sunnies // Asos 

 I collected a few of square shaped ones past several years,
but I don't have round ones so I want to give it a try.

2.Soft Matte Lip Cream (Sao Paulo) // Nyx 

I see this Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream on many beauty gurus' Youtube channels,
I really want to try that in especially 'Sao Paulo' shade
but it's not available in Korea :(
I'm gonna try to get it from e-bay soon.

3.Boyfriend Jeans // Zara

Aw I am also dying to try Boyfriend Jeans,
tried a few but somehow it's quite hard to get nice fitted one.
I was this Zara one on Annaleeandjesse 's video the other day
and had a feeling that might be the one...
so I am gonna try that on before I go watch Iron Man 3 tonite :) Woohoo

4.Strappy Stiletto Heels // Zara
I've been trying to get myself a nice pair of YSLish Strappy Heels
and this one looks good enough and affordable!

5.Quilted Bomber Jacket // H&M

I instantly fell in love with this bomber as soon as I saw it in the catalog,
thought it would be cool to throw that on a feminine dress.
I am just waiting for it to be available in stores!

6.Two Finger Ring // Pamela Love
I thought this Two Finger Ring's unique yet easy to wear.

7.Beige Distressed Jumper & White Lace-trimmed Shorts // Mango

Mango isn't my favorite SPA brand.
But they used Miranda Kerr for this season's lookbook.
Well done, Mango!
I love almost eveything that she's wearing in the catalog..
and this one was my favorite look :)
Beige Jumper and White Shorts with the side lace trim.

It's almost Weekend, yay!! :D
I hope you have a great Friday & Weekend,


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