Wednesday, May 29, 2013

OOTD :: Summer Breeze

Hi, guys!
It's another rainy day in Korea.
I really hope it stops raining some point later today,
because my drawing teacher invited me 
to a big Korean Jeweller's garden party in the evening.
I'm really excited about it!
I brought my camera so will update you guys tomorrow :)

Aw I went to Caribbean bay last Saturday
which is the biggest outdoor water park in Korea.
My best friend and I enjoy getting tanned in summer,
we were so happy to use some sun earlier than we expected.
I wore a thin American Apparel jersey on top of the outfit,
then it got really warm, I threw it in my bag.

We are going to a hotel pool this Saturday again.
Yay! I can't wait!

Hope you guys enjoyed reading my post
and you all have wonderful Wednesday!

Bye :D

Greenish leopard Sunglasses // Asos
Brasilia Crop Top // H&M
High-waist Denim Shorts // Levi's Vintage
Shoes // Converse High-Top
Bag // 8 Seconds


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    1. Thanks, ting!
      just checked out your blog, it's lovely! followed it :)


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