Friday, May 31, 2013

Summer Wishlist

T.G.I.F!!!!...on this side of the world :)
and soon it will be on the other side too!!

It's getting warmer and warmer,
so I knew it's time for me to come up with a Summer Wishlist!

1.MODI Nails by Aritaum(Korean Cosmetic Brand)
 in Mellow Mint & Platinum Silver
Summer's all about bright colors!
I gotta pick up this gorgeous green-esque turqoise color
and cool toned silver.
Metallic's still in, right?

2.Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation
If you read my blog.
you may have known that I recently got a full make-up service from Bourjois.
The make-up artist, who was nice and lovely, used this product on my face,
I loved it so much!
It's really light weight, not too matte
and my skin didn't really get oily later on.
I go to outdoor swimming pools on weekends,
I am gonna get a darker one of these for my future sun-kissed skin :)

3.Prada Poeme Sunglasses
Oh my God, how cool these shades?
I was instagram-stalking Bryan Boy,
saw him wearing these.
I instantly fell in love with them.
I need these flower eyebrows!!

4.Lush Emotional Brilliance "Believe"
I was invited to Lush's Culture Event last week,
won a lucky draw :)
so I went to the Lush store in Coex to pick up my prized,
tried this lovely raspberry pink lip product
It was nicely pigmented, brightened up my face as soon as I put it on my lips
and it stayed for the rest of the day!

5."Geek" T-shirt / Missguided
I don't know why I want this,
but I want it....!!
Does this mean I am naturally a geek?

6.Jumpsuit / Zara
I am dying to get a Jumpsuit/Dungaree these days.
Matching it with a crop top and a nice pair of heels would be perfection.

7."Dope" Bodysuit / Missguided
I mean it's "Dope"! :)
I'm obsessed with high-waist shorts lately,
I so want to go for bodysuit+short look this summer!

8.Aztec Mini Skirt / Zara
I love the pattern and the color scheme of this skirt,
I'd style it with a simple top and ankle boots.

I could pick a hundred things that I want,
but these are my 8 top ones on the list :)
What's in your wishlist? 

I hope you like my wishlist
and you all have a lovely Friday!


  1. Hi Vicky :) can't believe it took me so long to find your blog! I love all your fashion picks. the jumpsuit is cute! I wanna try the bourjois products but I haven't seen them anywhere in the US

    1. Hey Hey Phoebe!! Thanks for not giving it up :D

      I prob visit the Zara store and at least try it on or even get it unconsciously(???)hahaha
      Aw I thought Bourjois would be everywhere in drug stores in the states.
      In Korea they are trying to promote the brand as a high-end one so I have to go to department stores. I am moving to the states soon, what a bummer! I had better buy a bunch of their products before I leave!

  2. I think I like all the pieces but that jacket really rocks!


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