Thursday, May 9, 2013

White dress + Leather Jacket

It was a labor day in Korea when these photos were taken
which means No Work :) Yay
So Joe and I took my dad and sister out for a nice lunch to VIPS steak house 
and a family photo shoot.
After that we had to go get Joe's headphone fixed,
we found this nice little park around the area.
Joe left for Australia last Saturday.
We won't get to see each other till September,
It's a bit sad but it's still nice to spend some quality time with fam and friends
and focus on our own things 
before we move to another country together 

I hope you all having a great Thursday!

White dress // H&M
Short sleeve sweater // Zara
Leather jacket // V.O.V.
Scarf // H&M Men
Leather boots // Wonderplace
Bag // Mulberry

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