Sunday, June 16, 2013

30 Day Snap #15 :: Surf Shop

Hi, everybody!
I just got back from Busan.
I got little nervous about going to that city and taking the surfing class all by myself,
good thing I made it there!
I had tons of fun and met a few cool people :)
My motto in life is "Stop hesitating and just do it",
cause you will never know if you don't do whatever that is!
That just got proved right once again!
I've been surfing a few years now 
but I take a break during winter I seem to be reset every time I go back  hahaha
I always need the beginners lesson every summer to warm up.
This time, the class I took today was only 10,000won
(this is less than 10USD. awesome, eh?)
The weather today was beautiful,
but we didn't get a lot of waves so just did a lot of paddling.
I probably go back there for 3 day lessons or even go to Yangyang
(Another city you can surf in Korea)
Anybody surfing or surfed before? :)

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