Wednesday, June 19, 2013

30 Day Snap #19 :: Gems

Hi, everyone :)
I took this picture of gems at the school yesterday,
aren't day so beautiful?
I only played with topaz before,
I can't wait to make some jewelry out of all these little guys one day!

I have a big news, guys.
I finally quit my job today!!!!
So I can focus on the jewelry classes till I leave Korea in Sep.
I made that decision yesterday and everything happened so fast.
Luckily I have my work buddy who wanted to take over my deputy manager position,
quitting and telling my boss went so smoothly.
Ah, thank God, I feel so relieved and .....good!!!
More drawings and more pieces to come :)
I am freaking out at the same time
because I started working even before graduating my uni
and never been unemployed ever since.

I hope you all have/had an amazing day!


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