Sunday, June 2, 2013

30 Day Snap #2 :: I Love Hiking!

Sunday Funday!

I go hiking every Saturday and Sunday.
There is a baby mountain near my house,
it only takes 30 mins to the top.
What I love about hiking is that you don't really feel like working out
while you are burning a lot of calories!
I like to do it early in the morning when it's cool and quiet.

I took a picture on the top of the mountain today.
It's little foggy and cloudy,
but still quite a view, right? :)

What's your favorite things to do on Sundays?


  1. Oh my gosh, this is positively beautiful! You're so lucky you get to do this at the weekends, where is it??

    I've posted a 'view' for my snap today too but it's not as lovely as yours! :)


    1. Heyy what do you mean your view isn't as lovely as mine!
      You have ocean in your view, you win! haha

  2. This is beautiful! Wish my view looked this nice haha
    My favorite thing to do on a Sunday is sleep in and not think about working on Monday :P

    1. Thanks, Ai!
      Sleeping in is the best sometimes :)


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