Monday, June 3, 2013

30 Day Snap #3 :: Candle Lights

Hi, girls :) and...boys maybe?
Did you all have a good day today?
I hope so.

I had such an almost awful day..
I took over a new project at work today
and the person who were in charge of it before me messed it up real bad.
She got no business manner at all, her attitude's just so bad
and she was reluctant to help me out to catch up with the project histories.
Oh well, you know there is one like that at any work place or school always.

So I had to calm me down and just relax tonight.
Candle lights always me calm me down,
so I lit up some candles
and watched my current favorite youtube channel, Ohhaiclair
Check it out if you don't know her!

I feel a lot better :)
Going to bed now.
Good night!


  1. Sorry your day wasn't so great :( Glad you feel better though! I recently found Ohhaiclaire on YouTube and just subscribed! I love her too!!

    Hope tomorrow's a better day♥

    1. Thanks!! Your comment really cheered me up :)
      Oh and you did? Isn' t she so pretty and funny?
      You must have subscribed Annaleeandjesse as well then, yeh?
      I love all three!!!!


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