Sunday, June 30, 2013

30 Day Snap #30 :: Surfers' Paradise

Hello, everyone!
I am at a different surf shop today,
they play all these beachy songs and have hamocks too! 
Loving the cool vibe going on here :)

This is it, 30 Day Snap ends today.
It's been really fun!
I wanna say thank you all read my posts and commented
I was thinking earlier,
today's the last day of 2013 first half
Half year's gone already,
we should all make the other half more awesome! 
Hope you all have/had a good sunday.



  1. Can you surf? c: I'd love to
    learn how to surf!
    And yay for completing your
    30-day Snap! Xx

    1. You should! It's so much fun :)
      and not that hard actually.
      And thank you!
      You really cheered me up and kept me going by commenting :D


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