Monday, June 10, 2013

30 Day Snap #10 :: Chocolate Love

I don't snack much but I do love chocolate! :D
Today I was craving hershey's cookies and cream at work,
went out to get it to the ministop downstairs then they didn't have any.
I wend for this Japanese "Bake" chocolate instead,
it was pretty nice!!
It was crispy outside and super soft inside,
I really enjoyed it.

You like chocolate too?
What are your favorites?
My favorites are toblerone, hershey's cookies and cream and Guylian :)

I will see you in my next one.


  1. I love BAKE!! They had a cheese version which wasn't that great, and they also have a white chocolate version which I haven't tried yet. Omg... I'm starting to create chocolate... haha

    1. I saw the white one next to this but didn't know that they have a cheese version!


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