Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My Daily Skin Care Routine

I've been trying to post this up for a couple of weeks already,
but I should confess that this 30 day snap project is really challenging!
I mean I didn't used to blog everyday before,
now I have to post at least once a day 
plus my regular ones!
But it's all good :)
I am slowly getting used to it,
I think I will be able to blog more in the future than before the challenge!

 Since it's getting hotter everyday, I changed my skin care routine recently.

I thought I'd share with you guys :)

Before I start, I want to tell you how I discovered the brand first.

I am completely a sucker for La Roche-Posay products.

Their first product I've ever tried is Cicaplast which is repair gel,
my dermatologist recommended this after the treatments that I got before.
It was exceptional!
It really helped me recover from the dermatological procedures,
took away the redness from my skin
and soothed out any irritated and dry patches on my face.
Not long after that, 
I found out that one of my friend work for a company 
that distribute La Roche-Posay products!
Ever since I bought so much stuff through her 
using her amazing employee discount ;)

Over all, La Roche Posay's skin care is really mild and gentle
and most of them are not scented.

After I wash my face,
I dampen a cotton pad with Effaclar Clarifying Moisturizing Lotion 
and apply to face in circular motion like I wipe the remaining make up 
It's like water really.
Honestly this isn't the best toner I've used, 
it just does its okay job hydrating my skin.
and then I straight jump into Kiehl's Abyssine eyecream 
which I reviewed not long ago
(Click here to see the review)
Then I reach for Effaclar K
which is daily renewal fluid for oily skin.
Oh my God, I have to tell you guys this product does work for oily skin!
I was so impressed by the noticeable difference at first.
It does reduces grease, make my pores smaller and made my skin look smoother!
I strongly recommend this if you have oily to combination skin.
I have combination skin,
so I use it on the oily area
and I only need a small amount since it's quite runny.
The next product I go for is Hydraphase Intense Riche
This is a deep-hydrating cream lightly aquatic scented (I love it!),
I use it concentrating on my dry area (cheeks/chin/around my mouth).
It's lightweight texture and absorbs into my skin nicely,
and really keep my skin soft and moisturized all day & night.
And then I put Uvidea XL SPF50 Tinted Cream for mornings
This product is basically tinted sunscreen,
it doesn't give you full coverage and is quite sheer, not buildable
as you can see in the last picture above.
So what I like to do with it js mix it with a tiny bit of my foundation,
that way I get some coverage and I don't like wearing thick make up.
This tinted cream is definitely a staple item for summer!

I hope this post is helpful.
If you use La Roche-Posay products,
what do you think of them?
My friend recently got me samples of the Whitening line for asian skin,
I will try these little guys out for a week or so and do another review post :)

You all have a good day!


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