Sunday, July 28, 2013

My travel diary :: Shanghai & Beijing

Hi, guys!
I planned to post these pictures while I was traveling,
but wow I don't know how other bloggers do it!
Maybe next time, in September when I visit Taiwan.
But I am here today to show you the pictures I took in China :)

So I have a friend in Shanghai 
and my friend, Carrie who I traveled with, has a friend in Beijing.
We went to Shanghai first and spent three days 
and flew to Beijing, stayed there for three days,
came back to Korea.
We didn't really planned to do sightseeing 
but to see our friends and spend time with them.
Oh, and one of my fiancé's best friend was in Beijing with his brothers and girlfriend,
we got to meet up and hang out a bit which was awesome!

Okay, let's start with the first picture I took in Shanghai.

This is the view from the hotel we stayed :) Quite pretty, eh?

My friend took us to this spot that serves amazing mojitos.
OMG, it was seriously the best mojito I've ever had!

And the next day, we went to Sunny Beach, an artificial beach right by the river.
I LOVE this place!!
It costs only like 10bucks to get in and you can use sun beds and stuff for free!
You even get a free drink which we found out later when we went back to the hotel :(
The view was amazing and they play cool music,too.
They only had one pool and it was very small, tho.
We enjoyed the sun and played volley ball.
I already want to go back to Shanghai just to visit Sunny beach again hahaha

Another hot place to visit, Anfu street!
This is where you can find trendy cafes, restaurants and lounge bars.
We went to Amokka
and had a few dishes, my favorite was this salmon and cous cous :)

I love how Waitan looks completely different day and night.

Laomatou, which is near Sunny beach, looked really cool.
We had some plans after so didn't get to try the restaurants there
but maybe next time! :)

Mcdonald's in China have taro pie.
Mmmmmmm so good

I love little galleries in Taikang Street
where little cool artsy stores where they sell handmade stuff.

This club, Shelter was supposed to be the coolest local club,
but I guess we were there too early..
they were playing scary dark music and music videos,
we couldn't stand it!

Back to Waitan to see the night view :)

I've been to Beijing before but didn't get to go to the Great Wall,
so this time I went! :)
My friends and I had lunch before 
that was when I fell on super slippery floor and hurt my back.
But I am a tough girl!
I managed to make it to the first top of the Great Wall with my friends' help :D

Vian took me to C.O.S.and said it was one of her favorite stores,
I bought myself a nice ring there :)

We went clubbing to "Spark" which is apparently one of top three clubs in Beijing.
They played a lot of dubstep remix version of trendy music,
we all danced the night away!

I had real good times in China,
already miss there so much :'-(

I hope you guys enjoyed reading my travel diary!
Thanks for reading :)


  1. Ah that song is nice! Gonna add it to
    my playlist c:
    I never knew you had a tattoo, it
    looks beautiful on you!

    So nice you had a great holiday in
    China as well, Shanghai is one of the
    place I want to visit but I've heard
    it's mayor crowdy. I want to go to
    Taiwan again really!

    1. Yeh! I can't stop playing this song thesedays haha pretty good,eh?
      You should visit Shanghai, it's one of my favorite cities!!
      Aw and thanks for compliments :)

  2. Wow it looks so magical!
    I would love to visit Beijing and Shanghai one day.
    Especially Beijing, because of the delicious food ^^ Not that Shanghai doesn't have delicious food though...
    Lovely blog you have there!

    1. Thanks! I say Shanghai was whole a lot better for the cool vibes :)


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