Wednesday, July 3, 2013

OOTD :: Monochrome & Neon

Hi, everyone.
It was one HOT day today!!!
I went to have this Ichiban Nama which is frozen beer with my surf buddy to cool down.
It was pretty good, I will put up the picture of it on the next "Peek into my life" post :)

This is my daily look the other day when I went to meet up with some friends from uni.
I got this cool neon clutch from Zara sale a few days ago,
wearing it out already! haha
I love how spacious it is and it's easy to open too!

Oh! Guys, listen to the song above!
I am seriously addicted to this song right now.
It's been on repeat for several days haha :)
RAC is awesome!!! 

Tomorrow's another full busy day for me.
Better go to bed now.
See you in my next post!

Sleeveless // Zara
Leggings // Forever 21
Sandals // Zara
Neon Clutch // Zara
Watch // Seiko
Rings // Topshop, A-Land


  1. love your outfit! especially the leggings & the neon yellow :) I've wanted to try the vertical striped leggings but I don't think I'm brave enough haha

    1. Thank you, Phoebe!
      I know what you mean, I've been keeping this leggings in my closet for a while.
      Took me long to actually wear it haha
      but I pulled it off alright, yeh? :D

  2. Frozen beer?! Wow! Your style suits you lots. I'm not brave enough to wear neons! lovely.

    1. Thanks :) Neon's everywhere this summer just like last year!
      Just play around with it!
      My tip : You can't go wrong with black to match with any neon color!:)

  3. Frozen beer? Like a popsicle with beer flavor?
    :P You look very nice! I love the neon clutch
    really ^__^ and going to listen to that song
    of yours! Xx

    1. Oh it's draft beer with frozen slush beer on top of it, so gooood!!!
      Thanks for stopping by :)
      Your comments always lift my mood!


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