Thursday, July 11, 2013

Peek Into My Life #2

Good morning, everyone!
It's been raining for the last week or so in Korea.
I was hoping it to cool down a bit,
then now it's still hot and muggy.
Oh well,
so I decided to post the pictures that I took when it was all sunny and nice :D

Have I told you that I love palm trees? :)

I went to a hotel pool a few weeks ago 
and saw this amazing rainbow! 

These are the pictures from my surfing trip to Busan by myself.
 I made a real good friend there!
We have surfed again in Yang yang and grabbed dinner not too long ago :)

Char-grilled short rib tacos / Chicken tacos /Seoul fries from Grill5 in Sinsa
They have the best Korean-Mexican food! 

My favorite tea house in Seoul, Chloris, has this amazing Earl-grey tea flavored shaved ice.

I took a few cool pictures while I was in Yang yang.
My friend introduced this cool surfing shop to me,
they have this little terrace to chill, play lege music :)

Yay, we have Ichiban Nama in Seoul now :D
This frozen beer's brilliant, isn't it?
I know they are promoting all around the world now.
If you spot it, you should seriously give it a try!

My summer bucket list :)

Oh yeh, I just got new tattoos.
What do you think?

I hope you enjoyed this post
and have a great day!

Byee :)


  1. Haha I love how you are not the
    only one taking shots of that rainbow :P
    check out those boys!
    The food looks DELICIOUS!! And wow
    loving your new tattoo as well c: Xx

    1. I pointed at it and got a lil too excited, screamed like "Rainbowwwwww!!!"
      then a lot of people gathered for it hahaha
      Thank you so much, Mei :)
      I wanted these tattoos for the longest time!!


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