Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Review :: Lush's hair product // Karma Komba / Happy Hippy / Blousey

Good morning, lovelies :)
Recently I was given a few hair products from Lush's events.
I've tried these three shampoo for several weeks,
just wanted to share my thoughts with you guys!

Karma Komba
I know I say this every time I review Lush's products
but really I love the smell of it,
so exotic!
It leaves a nice a orange + lemongrass scent with a hint of floral,
stays for the rest of the day :)
I have this love and hate relationship with shampoo bars.
I love them because they last forever
only if you dry them well after using.
If you leave them in your bathroom on normal soap trays,
they just melt away quickly.
I usually bring it with me after shower to my bedroom,
put it next to the windows
so they dry and make my room smell heavenly haha
I've tried Lush's other shampoo bar "New" before
hoping it to help me with scalp and hair loss problems.
It didn't really help a lot with hair loss
but this one Karma Komba made my hair so healthy and strong!
It lathers creamy soft foam
and gives a deep cleanse to the hair.
Your hair might feel stiff when you rinse it
this is because Karma Komba doesn't contain that chemical make your hair feel soft
but don't worry, your hair will be soft again once you dry it :)

Happy Hippy
Happy Hippy is actually a body cleanser gel
but works as shampoo too.
I love the sweet grapefruit scent in shower
but sadly the fragrance doesn't stay long.
I think it's still better to use it for body
but it's perfect for travelling when you don't want to carry much
since it works for body and hair as well :)

This banana shampoo, Blousey, just blew my mind.
Even after just one use, I saw a huge difference on my hair.
My hair turned so so soft and healthy,
and smell amazing!
But good thing the worker in the store told me that it wouldn't lather much,
I would have used a lot more to work the lather.
He said that he actually saw one customer used a whole jar to lather hahaha
Not lathering doesn't mean that it wouldn't clean well.
I was quite surprised that it didn't leave me residues 
and my hair and scalp were left so clean and fresh.
Blousey has sweet and nutty scent with a hint of rose.
I donated 3 kilo rice and got 3 100g of Blousey :)
I love it so much but it's pretty pricey in Korea
it's 56000won(which would be 50USD) for a 240g jar.
50bucks for a jar of shampoo?
a little too much, eh?
I think I am gonna use it for hair emergencies
like after dying, perming you know when my hair looks pretty damaged.

I hope my post help those who wonder which hair product to use.
Especially in summer your hair gets damaged from the heat and the sun,
you need extra care for it.
I'd say my favorite one from the three above would be Karma Komba
because it works amazingly but not pricey.

Thanks for reading my blog
and I will see you in my next post.

Bye :)


  1. yay for lush hair products! I love BIG & the blue solid shampoo, I forget the name of it. Blousey sounds great, I'm gonna give it a try! :)


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