Saturday, July 6, 2013

Review :: My Tanning Mates

Hello, everyone! 
I hope you all doing great today :)
Today I wanna talk about my tanning buddies.
I've tried many many tanning products from drugstore ones to super expensive ones.
I don't like the feeling when I get inside tanning machines,
so I gave up on that long time ago
but I do enjoy outdoor tanning whenever I go to seaside, water parks and pools!
And this is my favorite set for this summer!
I love these products because they are easy to find and also affordable.

Hawaiian Tropic Tanning Lotion Sunscreen 4 UVB/SPF With UVA
I love using this Hawaiian Tropic Tanning Lotion
when I want that nice base color.
It has sunscreen in it, you don't have to apply sunscreen before this product :)
It's got that light coconut scent which I love!
I also use this product when my skin's already dark enough 
and I don't want to go too darker if that makes sense.
My skin always turns back lighter a few days after,
so I try to keep how it is,
that's when I use this tanning lotion instead of the oil type.

Hawaiian Tropic Dark Tanning Oil
When my skin turns light brown,
I switch the tanning lotion to this Hawaiian Tropic Dark Tanning Oil
which is an advanced version.
This is for those who want to go darker or those who want quicker process in tanning.
It's got pretty strong coconut scent, 
be aware that not only I love the scent but also all sorts of bugs do too..
they might follow you around :(
It's a bit sticky but you know, most of oil type tanning products are,
this can't be a con.
This doesn't have any SPF tho,
make sure you put sunscreen before using it or you will get sunburnt.
Thanks to this product,
I already got the skin color I wanted over 3 time or so!

Vaseline After Sun Aloe Vera Gel
I remember when I first tried to tan.
Oh my gosh, I was so shocked by how wrinkled my skin was after!
Ever since I always put some aloe vera gel to cool it down and moisturize it.
I especially love using this Vaseline one 
just because it applies thinly evenly and my skin just drinks it instantly.

Ziaja Sopot Amber Shine Body Lotion 
This is originally self-tanning lotion,
but I use it to keep the skin color.
My skin tends to go lighter a few days after tanning,
so I apply this product evenly all over my body except for elbows and knees
 two to three times a week.
I am not a fan of the almondy scent but I just suck it up.
because it works really well, gives you nice natural glow!

I did lose a couple of pounds by working out 
but getting that brown skin makes me look slim!
My friends ask me if I lost a lot of weight these days,
Winning! :D
I hope this post is helpful for you guys,
and I will see you in my next one. 


  1. i love aloe vera gel :) this makes me want to go to the beach! & great job on slimming down, get sexy girl!


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