Wednesday, August 28, 2013

OOTD :: The city bag

Hey guys! 
How's this week been so far?
I've done lots of paper works since I am moving out of the country for good.
Oh, and I met up with some of my surf buddies up in Seoul last night.
I drank a little too much than usual 
but we all had a blast :)

These pictures were taken by my partner in crime (my bff in other word) the other day.
We went to this gorgeous cafe, Assouline, where a lot of celebrities come.
We ordered a slice of carrot cake and lungo 
did some celebrities-watch.
Not that I am interested in their personal life but it was interesting seeing them in person.

I'd been dying to get this city bag from Zara,
 it was sold out last season when I found out about the bag.
But this time I purchased one as soon as I spotted it!!!
Winning :D
I absolutely love how big it is 
This bag has got 6 compartments 
and little pockets for my cellphone, cards and stuff as well
My 13" Macbook pro fits in it, 
and I don't have an ipad but it's got a padded compartment for that as well!
It  literally has everything you can ask for a bag.
Having a right bag can make your day so much easier 
especially for people like me 
who have to carry everything you possibly need the whole day.

I hope you guys enjoyed my post today. 
Thanks for reading!

Bye :)

Checked shirt // Zara
City sleeveless // H&M
Boyfriend jeans // Zara
City bag //Zara
Zig-zag heels // Zara
Watch // Calvin Klein

Monday, August 26, 2013

OOTD :: The Bug Necklace

Hello, everybody!
I am just back from another surf trip :)
They said the waves were gonna be great this morning 
but I had a photo shoot with my friend for her graduation,
had to come back early.
But I already had great time there,
it was really nice that a lot of friends of mine (like 10 of them haha)
were inspired by me to surf
and acutally came down to Yang'yang with me :D

These pictures were taken the other day before the trip,
I've been loving this bug necklace from Asos.
It's such a statement,
I really enjoy wearing it with just plain t-shirts.
It just makes my outfit look effortless!

And I also bought this 'GEEK' t-shirt at Missguided online shop,
got it cropped!
It goes well with any skirt, high-waisted shorts and even overall.

I hope you guys have/had a lovely weekend
and until next time, take care!

T-shirt // Missguided
Necklace // Asos
Python-patterned skirt // Asos
Bag // Mulberry
Shoes // Dr.Martens

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Peek Into My Life #3

I love going to coffee shops in the morning when they just opened,
when they are not crowded.
These picture were taken in one of my favorite cafes, Cafe stay in.
I asked the owner if those cats are his,
he said they are just street cats but he saw them going through garbage bags
since then he's been feeding them.
I though that was really sweet of him.
I used to go to this cafe with my fiancé on saturdays,
when they have little jazz concerts.

 I try to cook for my fam as much as I can.
I made green coconut curry and they loved it :)

The key items for my China trip.

This is the honey comb they put on your soft ice cream in the ice cream parlor
that I posted about the other day (read here if you haven't)
Even looking at it makes me almost drool, almost.

I appreciate micro breweries in Seoul.
Craftworks is one of them.
I take my friends there and order this cute beer platter
so they get to taste all of them and choose their favorites :)

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day.
And eggs benedict is one of my favorite dish for breakfast.
French toasts, pancakes and omelets would be so sulky for saying this though.

I took this one when I went to a cafe called Cafe footloose 
after the street fashion photography exhibition.
I love modern interior pieces like these.

At the H&M event the other day.
All in my belly haha

My friend took me to this little authentic italian restaurant
called "Sangsoo-dong Italy"
I couldn't help snapping away little details there.
Pretty cute cozy interior, yeh?

I love pasta, pizza and all that italian food
but I always choose gnocchi if they have it in the menu.
I really like the chewiness of it :D

At another ice cream joint, fell+cole.
I heard the owner is from Cali.
He makes awesome ice cream 
like lebanese rosewater, hibiscus mango sorbet and Nut job.
Interesting, huh?
And I like how he post what he made for the day everyday on fell+cole facebook.

Like I mentioned in my previous post,
I went to Busan to see my cousins and to surf with one of them.
And this bridge is one of the most beautiful bridge in Korea,
it's called Gwang'an bridge.
It's prettier at night but it's still cool, right? :)

Wherever I go, I am charging my phone haha
Is it only me having this problem?
I mean facebook, instagram and youtube all day every day...
So addictive!

Meet my vegiterian friend! ;)

My friend who goes to a vet school went to Peru for a conference
got me this cool braided bracelet long time ago.
I wore it and my other lucky bracelet as anklet this trip :)

Waves were so small, people were too many in the water.
I love Busan but I didn't really enjoy surfing there.
My cousin, her boyfriend managed to have fun just swimming and stuff.
I am going back to Yang'yang this weekend, can't wait!!!
Aw  I booked hotel rooms and threw my farewell party 
with my closest friends last weekend.
We took this video while we were walking back to the hotel.
The app is called road movies,
I am loving it!!!
You guys should try,too!
So much funnnn :)
I hope you guys have a great day today,
and till next time,
take care!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Review :: Stylenanda_3 Concept Eyes // Neon Yellow Nail Polish / Bubble Gum Lip Lacquer

Hello, everyone!
I am already going on another surfing trip. 
Obsessed much??? hahaha
Good thing I decided to bring my laptop
so I entertain myself blogging and hopefully you guys as well!

Today I want to talk about Stylenanda's cosmetic line 3 Concept Eyes.
A few years back, I got to know this little online shopping site Stylenanda.
When I looked through their clothes, I was like wow, too much! 
I mean I love bold and unique outfits 
but even for me, they were pretty hard to pull it off kinda clothes.
Apparently they succeeded in the market,
opened their flagship store and even launched their own cosmetic brand.
Before the China trip last month,
I had a chance to visit Stylenanda's flagship store.
I instantly fell in love with the store,
I love how they turn one entire floor to a vintage laundromat 
(not a real one tho just interior they did)
and obviously their style range has gotten bigger over past few years,
they had a lot of clothes I would love to wear :D
Their accessories are so trendy and affordable.
But what caught my eyes the most was their 3 Concept Eyes beauty items

I went straight to this bright neon yellow nail polish
when I walked into the cosmetic section.
I mean it's summer!
I'd love some bright neon on my nails, you know?
The texture's more on the runny side,
so I put two coats.
The brush isn't the best brush, a little small
but it's good enough to apply so I give it a pass.
I love how bright it is and it even glow in dark I heard,
such an it item for clubbing!

I was so shocked when I tried this lip lacquer.
It was something totally new to beauty world.
It's like melted lipstick, quite thick at first.
Then you dab it in, it turns into velvety texture smoothes out on your lips!
It's super easy to apply,
you can do that bitten lips look with this product, too!
And mine is in bubble gum color.
I just love the name hahahaha

Aw, anyways I am here in Busan now!
I hope this post was helpful for you guys
and have a great day :)


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

OOTD :: Denim dress X Check shirt

Hi, guys!
Those who follow me on instagram would know that 
I went surfing last weekend.
My entire body was aching for a couple of days after :(
but I am fully recovered now!

I picked this cute denim dress at the H&M loves music event the other day
with 20% discount :D
I love the cut-out detail at the back.
I always carry a thin shirt or jersey in summer
because some building or shops have their AC on super cold.
Am I the only one doing this?

Anyways, I hope you guys have/had a great day today 
and I will see you soon.


Denim dress // H&M
Check shirt // Zara
Bag // Mulberry
Shoes // Topshop
Rings // Stylenanda / A-land

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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

OOTD :: Crop Top + Baggy Pants = BFF

Hi, everyone!
Today the weather was super weird in Korea.
A few of my friends and I were going to pool today,
but we had to reschedule it to another day because it was just pouring in the morning.
So we met up for lunch anyways then the sun came out!
Gaaaah! then it was raining again and one second later it was sunny again.
We managed to have a good day catching up tho.

I bought these python patterned baggy pants last year or so,
didn't really wear it 
but ever since I've piled up crop tops in my closet
I am in love with these pants!
they just goes with any crop tops :)
The band part sits perfectly on where I want it to be 
so I am only showing the narrowest part of my tummy.
It's been so uncomfortably humid and hot here
I really appreciate cooling materials, cut-out details and crop tops these days.

Aw I just have to say this because it's in the background,
this Fell + Cole ice cream shop is so amazing!
They have so many interesting flavors like perilla leaves, fresh basil and fleur de lait!

Anyways, thanks for reading
and have a great day/night!

Crop Top // H&M
Python Patterned Baggy Pants // Zara
Leather Bag // Zara
Sandal // Zara
Sunnies // Asos
Earrings // Bershka
Rings // Topshop / Gifted / Topshop/ H&M / A-land ( left to right)
Spiky Hand Chain // Missguided

Saturday, August 3, 2013

OOTD :: Overall Kinda Day

Good morning!
I went to a film & music festival hosted by H&M yesterday,
they got me this 20% discount anything in the store!
I did too much damage there...! hahaha

Can I just say I'm loving this 90' trend right now??
I am a 90's kid,
all these fashion items I grew up with make me feel nostalgic.
Like from crop tops and high waisted bottoms to tartan patterns 
and definitely overalls! :)
So when I spotted this awesome overall at Zara,
I went crazy and bought it.
I wore comfortable shoes with it 
because I had to walk a lot the day I had these pictures taken,
but next time I'm gonna wear it with some heels!
Sounds like a good idea?

I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!

Thanks for reading!

Stripe Tshirt // H:connect
Overall // Zara
Rings // Style Nanda / A-land 
Earrings // Asos
Bag // Mulberry
Slip-on // Topshop

Friday, August 2, 2013


Hi, everyone!
Hope you all having a great day today :)

I went to one of my favorite fashion photographer's exhibition yesterday,
Hyunbum Nam!
For those who don't know, 
he is a street fashion photographer like Tommy Ton and Scott Schuman.
He started taking pictures when he was traveling New York a few years back,
put up the pictures on his blog STREET FSN.
His blog grew up so fast,
now he works for lots of major magazines and collaborates with big brands.
He published his photography book with the same name.
I have it on my book shelf next to 'The Satoriallist Closer',
I open it when I run out of inspirations,
he takes awesome pictures!

Here are the photos of the exhibition
and a few closeups of my favorite shots :)

Awww guys
I was so lucky I got to meet him in person yesterday 
Happy feet!!!

It's open invitation exhibition and free as well.
He made these lovely postcards as a little gift for visitors,
I had to take many cos they were amazing! :)

I hope you guys enjoy reading this post.
Thanks for reading!