Monday, August 26, 2013

OOTD :: The Bug Necklace

Hello, everybody!
I am just back from another surf trip :)
They said the waves were gonna be great this morning 
but I had a photo shoot with my friend for her graduation,
had to come back early.
But I already had great time there,
it was really nice that a lot of friends of mine (like 10 of them haha)
were inspired by me to surf
and acutally came down to Yang'yang with me :D

These pictures were taken the other day before the trip,
I've been loving this bug necklace from Asos.
It's such a statement,
I really enjoy wearing it with just plain t-shirts.
It just makes my outfit look effortless!

And I also bought this 'GEEK' t-shirt at Missguided online shop,
got it cropped!
It goes well with any skirt, high-waisted shorts and even overall.

I hope you guys have/had a lovely weekend
and until next time, take care!

T-shirt // Missguided
Necklace // Asos
Python-patterned skirt // Asos
Bag // Mulberry
Shoes // Dr.Martens


  1. This is a lovely Outfit babe, Love the bag!
    Claudia xx


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