Saturday, August 3, 2013

OOTD :: Overall Kinda Day

Good morning!
I went to a film & music festival hosted by H&M yesterday,
they got me this 20% discount anything in the store!
I did too much damage there...! hahaha

Can I just say I'm loving this 90' trend right now??
I am a 90's kid,
all these fashion items I grew up with make me feel nostalgic.
Like from crop tops and high waisted bottoms to tartan patterns 
and definitely overalls! :)
So when I spotted this awesome overall at Zara,
I went crazy and bought it.
I wore comfortable shoes with it 
because I had to walk a lot the day I had these pictures taken,
but next time I'm gonna wear it with some heels!
Sounds like a good idea?

I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!

Thanks for reading!

Stripe Tshirt // H:connect
Overall // Zara
Rings // Style Nanda / A-land 
Earrings // Asos
Bag // Mulberry
Slip-on // Topshop


  1. You look 90'-ish great c:
    Being a 90' kid as well!
    The H&M event sounds fun
    and that 20% as well :P Xx

    1. Thanks!:)))) I truly enjoyed that discount!


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