Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Review :: Stylenanda_3 Concept Eyes // Neon Yellow Nail Polish / Bubble Gum Lip Lacquer

Hello, everyone!
I am already going on another surfing trip. 
Obsessed much??? hahaha
Good thing I decided to bring my laptop
so I entertain myself blogging and hopefully you guys as well!

Today I want to talk about Stylenanda's cosmetic line 3 Concept Eyes.
A few years back, I got to know this little online shopping site Stylenanda.
When I looked through their clothes, I was like wow, too much! 
I mean I love bold and unique outfits 
but even for me, they were pretty hard to pull it off kinda clothes.
Apparently they succeeded in the market,
opened their flagship store and even launched their own cosmetic brand.
Before the China trip last month,
I had a chance to visit Stylenanda's flagship store.
I instantly fell in love with the store,
I love how they turn one entire floor to a vintage laundromat 
(not a real one tho just interior they did)
and obviously their style range has gotten bigger over past few years,
they had a lot of clothes I would love to wear :D
Their accessories are so trendy and affordable.
But what caught my eyes the most was their 3 Concept Eyes beauty items

I went straight to this bright neon yellow nail polish
when I walked into the cosmetic section.
I mean it's summer!
I'd love some bright neon on my nails, you know?
The texture's more on the runny side,
so I put two coats.
The brush isn't the best brush, a little small
but it's good enough to apply so I give it a pass.
I love how bright it is and it even glow in dark I heard,
such an it item for clubbing!

I was so shocked when I tried this lip lacquer.
It was something totally new to beauty world.
It's like melted lipstick, quite thick at first.
Then you dab it in, it turns into velvety texture smoothes out on your lips!
It's super easy to apply,
you can do that bitten lips look with this product, too!
And mine is in bubble gum color.
I just love the name hahahaha

Aw, anyways I am here in Busan now!
I hope this post was helpful for you guys
and have a great day :)



  1. these colors look amazing on you! that yellow polish is so nice, i haven't heard of that brand before

    1. Thank you! You should check it out if you are interested in bold & unique beauty items! :)

  2. Have another great surf trip dear c:
    Love that purple lip color, it suits
    you well so don't worry! Xx

    1. Thanks a lot :)
      I will! I am leaving super early tomoro morning...can't even go to sleep.That's just how much I am excited haha


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