Friday, August 2, 2013


Hi, everyone!
Hope you all having a great day today :)

I went to one of my favorite fashion photographer's exhibition yesterday,
Hyunbum Nam!
For those who don't know, 
he is a street fashion photographer like Tommy Ton and Scott Schuman.
He started taking pictures when he was traveling New York a few years back,
put up the pictures on his blog STREET FSN.
His blog grew up so fast,
now he works for lots of major magazines and collaborates with big brands.
He published his photography book with the same name.
I have it on my book shelf next to 'The Satoriallist Closer',
I open it when I run out of inspirations,
he takes awesome pictures!

Here are the photos of the exhibition
and a few closeups of my favorite shots :)

Awww guys
I was so lucky I got to meet him in person yesterday 
Happy feet!!!

It's open invitation exhibition and free as well.
He made these lovely postcards as a little gift for visitors,
I had to take many cos they were amazing! :)

I hope you guys enjoy reading this post.
Thanks for reading!

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  1. this is awesome, wish we had a photo exhibit like that in san diego :)


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