Tuesday, September 24, 2013

My Travel Diary :: Family Trip to Taiwan

Hello, everyone! 
I hope you all had a great weekend :)
What did you all do?
My fianće finally came back from Australia,
we had our going away dinner and stuff with our friends this weekend.
It's getting a bit stressful getting ready to move to another country.
I really can use a long holiday.
But I am here today to share the pictures that I took in Taiwan 2 weeks ago.
I am so glad that I got to snap a lot more than last time I visited.
You can check out the photos I took back in Feb here if you are interested :)

Taiwan is such a dessert heaven.
And this is my favorite, Mango shaved ice with panna cotta!

The rings that I brought to Taiwan.

My sister cancelled on us a day before the trip,
so I had a hotel room to myself..
I can't say I didn't like that! haha
I am slowly learning how to put on make-up and stuff.
I am a girl after all!! :D

It seems like everyone has a motor bike or a bicycle.
They are neatly parked everywhere.

You get to see a lot of FURiends everywhere in Taiwan.
And they are not afraid of you.
I loved taking a close look of them and snap some good pictures.

Oh my god, this restaurant called "The Top" has the best scenery of Taipei city.
We went there after dinner, got some tea and cocktails 
and watched a glowing sun set together.
The sky slowly turned to all different pretty colors
and the buildings in the city started to lighten up.
I loved the view and the vibe there!

Next morning, we went to the Taiwan National University.
took a nice walk and went to this little school café.
Their agricultural department has a farm,
they milk the cows and sell the milk and ice cream at this café.
We tried the ice cream, it was so fresh and rich!

I saw so much green in Taipei.
There are a lot of little parks and they make the city more lively and refreshing.

Last time I went to this small town called "Jiu fen" which is an hour away from Taipei,
I loved it so much so decided to take my parents and show them around.
Luckily it wasn't pouring this time, I had much more fun! :)
Oh, if you watched the Japanese animation film "The Spiriting Away of Sen and Chihiro",
this is where the director got inspired for the location setting.
If you haven't watched it, you should!
It's for adults as well, the music's so good, too.
Since that animation movie's one of my favorite ones,
I was so glad to see what "Jiu fen" is like in person.
We saw another sunset drinking tea in a terrace of an old tea house
and it was so beautiful.

After our little Jiu fen trip, I brought my parents back to the hotel, told them to sleep
and went out to see my friends, Joan and Renee.
We all met in Brisbane, Australia when we were doing working holiday.
Renee got married in Feb this year,
she invited me, Joan and a few other friends over to the new house.
Her husband, Viggo, prepared and performed a rap song for us.
I thought that was really brave and cool!
Anyways, they got me a box of this bread
They look like croissants but taste like scones
and have different kinds of jams and stuff inside.
I really enjoyed having these with coffee in the morning.
Thanks guys, if you are reading XD

All the major touristic spots have these stamps,
I stamped all over my scheduler so I can remember where I've been in Taiwan :)

Ah....This rose milk tea at Taiwan Starbucks is the best drink ever.
It's so light and the rose flavor isn't overpowering.
I know people make fun of me for going to starbucks
which is the franchise you can find anywhere in the world.
But starbucks in other countries do have all different menus!
And I love to check them out and try something new.

Taiwan isn't the most spectacular and dynamic city in the world.
But I love it for friendly & kind taiwanese people and good food :)

I hope you all enjoy reading my Taiwan travel diary.
Have a good night, guys!


  1. I loved Taiwan and Taipei, such a vibrant city!
    And omgggg 'The Top' restaurant is amazing,
    check out that gooorgeous view! You look great
    as well c: and nice to hear you are united again
    with your fiancee! Xx

    1. Yeh The Top was certainly the best spot for city view!!
      Thanks a lot!!!
      I enjoy your HK photo diary as well :)))

  2. Thx for showing me a different Taipei I haven't known …it seems a new city I haven't been to~ Thx for your gifts and photos! can't wait to see ur life in NYC!

    1. Hey keep in touch I hope we see each other sooner than we expect either in UK or USA :D


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