Wednesday, September 4, 2013

OOTD :: Bralet X Felt pedora

Good morning, sweet peas! :)
How was your weekend?
I went on the last surfing trip in Korea last weekend.
Waves were huge like almost 3m because of typhoons and stuff
I rode foaming waves that were already broken then those were pretty strong, too.
I did enjoyed watching other people surfing.

I've been looking for a good bralet to wear with dresses like this in the pictures
and even with see-through tops.
I was so happy when I found it in Forever21, it was also pretty cheap..!
Winning! :D
Aw and I feel like buying all the new hats coming in Forever21 these days haha
I guess it's because it's fall already?

It's pretty chilly in the morning and at night in Korea now.
I am not ready to let summer go 
but I love fall as much as I love summer.
Pretty excited to rock my jackets and jerseys!

I am sharing a fall song above,
you guys should try it.
Cara delevigne has such a good voice..
I hope you all have a good week.
Until next time, take care!

Hat // Forever21
Dress // Forever21
Bralet // Forever21
Boots // Barneys New York
Bag // Rebecca Minkoff


  1. You need to teach me how to
    surf one day! You look cute
    and totally suitable for a
    beachday! Love the hat c: Xx

    1. Hey I actually can be a good surf teacher!!
      Done it before and my friend I taught took off and surfed all day after 20 min session hahaha
      Thanks for your pretty words xo ;)

  2. This weekend I didn't do anything really productive haha.
    I ate Thai food though.. that's productive right ? :p
    Anyway, I just discovered your blog and really enjoy browsing, so I nominated you for the Liebster Awards on my blog!
    If you don't know Liebster, it's a creative way to spread the love for beginning blogs or blogs with a smaller amount of followers. You should check it out :) More info:
    X, Jessy

    1. You know we all have those lazy days haha
      Thai food mmmmmmm I love it, can't wait to visit there next week!!!
      Aw I will def check out

  3. Love your outfit,
    the bralet makes it so much more interesting (:

    Love, Liese
    Cats & Dresses


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