Thursday, November 28, 2013

My Travel Diary::Bangkok

Yay! I finally have internet in the house :)
Being without internet wasn't very fun.
I had to walk to the starbucks down the street when I needed it.
But now I got the internet, you know what that means!
More blogging!!!

Today I want to share my best photos from the Bangkok trip back in September.

It was already fourth time in Bangkok,
that says how much I love this city!
Bangkok is one of the cities that you can plan for different themes
depending on who you traveling with.
This time I was with my fiancé who has never been there,
I tried to plan to do more on the coupley, romantic side
and to show him the typical pretty Bangkok touristy sites at the same time.

I found this review about Silom Cooking School 
it sounded really interesting since I LOVE Thai food.
The class started at 9 in the morning at a local farmer's market.
The chef, Jay, took us around, 
explained all different types of ingredients that I've never seen before.
After picking up fresh vegies and meat there,
we went to the school and cooked Tom yum gung, Pad Thai and Green curry.
I was very surprised how easy and simple to cook Thai food!
The teachers and staff were really friendly and helpful.

This roof top bar called Sirocco is one of the places that I go almost everytime I visit Bangkok. It is really fancy and quite formal since you can't wear certain things like flip flops and stuff.You pay quite a bit for your drinks but I think it's def worth it with the view and the ambience and their drinks are really delicious!
They even get you a handful of pistachios and olives for condiments :)
If you wanna check out more about how the bar looks and what I wore to this bar,
check out here.

Then Joe and I went on a dinner cruise along the Chaophraya.
There are lots of different cruise lines,
we chose this small and intimate one by Banyan Tree Hotel.
We had only 8 tables on the cruise and they served course meal 
we enjoyed the quite and peaceful dinner :)

One of the reasons that I love about staying in the hotels in Bangkok,
they have really good swimming pools.
I just couldn't miss a nice morning swim session.

Last but least, 
when in Bangkok, you can get good massages and they are affordable.
I really like how they decorated with the velvet couches and patterned carpets.

It's rainy and windy here today.
I am gonna wait till the rain stops and walk out to get some thanksgiving day cards :)
What you guys planning on doing today?
Hope you all stay nice and warm.


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Fashion News :: Rihanna for River Island

 Hi, guys!
Hope you all are staying nice and warm!
I just moved into a new house,
so it was another busy busy week for me.
But I had to post about Rihanna's new collection with River Island.
I just love her fearless and effortless designs.
I especially want the gold long sleeve dress and the tartan crop t-shirt,
they are absolutely gorgeous!
And I love how the Korean model, Jihye Park, rocks in the campaign.

I am still trying to install the internet to the new house,
it takes forever to do all sorts of paper works :(
Hopefully I get it within this week and get to blog some more!

Till next time, take care :)

Friday, November 8, 2013

OOTD :: Date Night Look

Hey guys,
I know I've been a bit lazy not blogging for last a few days.
I was just really busy with house hunting, job searching and all adult stuff, you know.
Luckily, I found a house I like and signed up for the lease 2 days ago!
And I have two interviews for jewelry designer position.
Honestly it's been a bit tough being sick and far away from the city
since I arrived here,
but now things are looking up! :)

Today I want to share what I wore for a romantic dinner cruise in Bangkok.
These pictures are taken at Sirocco 
which is a roof top bar on top of Lebua Hotel.
If you ever travel to Bangkok,
you have to go!
It's the best place to see the night view in Bangkok, I swear!

I saw this cover shoot behind the scene kinda video on Nylon TV Youtube channel,
it was Emma Roberts wearing bikini top as bra and beige color see through top,
it blew my mind.
It looked so nice, kept thinking about it
and a few days later I found the exact same bikini top at H&M on sale!
What do you guys think?

Oh and I call this hair band the Daisy hair band,
cos it looks like the one Daisy from the Great Gatsby was wearing in the movie.
I instantly fell in love with it when I saw it in the store
so I had to get it! :)

I hope you guys enjoyed reading my post
and till next time,
take care!


Hair band // Zara
Lacey see-through top // Forever 21
Swimwear // H&M
Skinny jeans // Forever21
City bag // Zara

Friday, November 1, 2013

Fall Wishlist

Hi, guys! I am back :)
And I am in the states!!! Yay!
It took me a while to get back to blogging 
because I was moving and got really sick for past two weeks.
But the good news is... I have a lot to share what I've been gone♥
Today I want to share the fall wishlist with you guys.
I know it's a bit late but it's still fall, right?

Kenzo x Toilet Paper Sweatshirt / Opening Ceremony 

 Kenzo's new collaboration work with the magazine company 'Toilet Paper' looks just brilliant.
I love my stars and stripes anyways :)
Can't say no to those little eyes, too!

Black Leather Pants / Isabel Marant x H&M 

Leather pants have been in my fashion bucket list.
And it's fall.

Furry Leather Plimsoll With Tassel / Zara

Ankle length of skinny jeans and these shoes mmmm

Biserka Necklace / All Saints

I need one of these chunky necklace to match with plain t-shirts for effortless look.

PS11 Olympia Leather Clutch / Proenza Schouler

Olive green is my fall neon color.
I would love to have a statement item in the color!

Ruby Woo / Mac

The new red is bright matte red!

Folk Girl Fringed Cardigan / Forever 21

I am a sucker for southwest patterns.
Throw this awesome cardigan, some boots and a felt hat,
I would be all set for fall :)

Drink some hot chocolate,
go out for a nice walk
and enjoy leaves change the color :)

Hope you guys have a good day!