Friday, November 8, 2013

OOTD :: Date Night Look

Hey guys,
I know I've been a bit lazy not blogging for last a few days.
I was just really busy with house hunting, job searching and all adult stuff, you know.
Luckily, I found a house I like and signed up for the lease 2 days ago!
And I have two interviews for jewelry designer position.
Honestly it's been a bit tough being sick and far away from the city
since I arrived here,
but now things are looking up! :)

Today I want to share what I wore for a romantic dinner cruise in Bangkok.
These pictures are taken at Sirocco 
which is a roof top bar on top of Lebua Hotel.
If you ever travel to Bangkok,
you have to go!
It's the best place to see the night view in Bangkok, I swear!

I saw this cover shoot behind the scene kinda video on Nylon TV Youtube channel,
it was Emma Roberts wearing bikini top as bra and beige color see through top,
it blew my mind.
It looked so nice, kept thinking about it
and a few days later I found the exact same bikini top at H&M on sale!
What do you guys think?

Oh and I call this hair band the Daisy hair band,
cos it looks like the one Daisy from the Great Gatsby was wearing in the movie.
I instantly fell in love with it when I saw it in the store
so I had to get it! :)

I hope you guys enjoyed reading my post
and till next time,
take care!


Hair band // Zara
Lacey see-through top // Forever 21
Swimwear // H&M
Skinny jeans // Forever21
City bag // Zara


  1. The bikini top is lovely c; and yay that its on sale!
    Love the sheer top as well with the embroiled flowers!

    1. Thanks :) It turned out alright with the bikini top eh?


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