Monday, December 30, 2013

Lush Review :: BB Seaweed / Cupcake / Cosmetic Warrior

Hello, everyone!
I hope you all have a very merry christmas :)
I just stayed home, ate good food.

I picked these Lush's fresh face masks with a lot of discount,
my skin was breaking out at that time
so I asked for the soothing ones.

BB Seaweed
This one has obviously seaweed haha aloe vera and honey.
It took away the redness from my face.
I use this one at night and the next morning, my skin looked glowy and mosturized :)

I LOVE the scent of this product,
it literally feels like eating BR's mint chocolatechip icecream with my face!
It definitely has that cooling menthol feeling once you put it on,
very shoothing.
Cupcake's the right one if you want to control the oiliness.

Cosmetic Warrior
The Lush staff that I talked to said this one is really good for oily to combination skin.
But I just don't care if it's good or not,
I hate the smell.
It has garlic in it, no's like you won't have to afraid of vampires!!
I mean if you have combination skin like me and you are not very sensitive at scents,
you can give it a try.

I also got this complimentary cosmetic pouch for buying more than centain amount,
isn't it the cutiest pouch ever???!!!
It even has a little furry tail at the back,too.

Oh my god, 2013 is almost over.
Time to think about some new year resolutions...!
Most of all, more blogging! :)
Alrighty, thanks for reading and take care!

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