Saturday, December 7, 2013

OOTD :: The Golden Jacket

My very first outfit post with New York background :)
How's your week been?
Mine was so awesome.
I finally found a job and it's the job I was dreaming about!
I am officially a jewelry designer
It was my training week this week.
I still can't believe that I actually got a job in this field 
without any related degree or experiences.
I didn't practice drawing and making jewelry like crazy for nothing last summer, eh?
Dreams do come true!!

Back in spring this year,
I saw somebody working in H&M wearing this jacket.
I so wanted to buy one but it was out of stock in every H&M store in Seoul
and I forgot about it.
Then I went to Shanghai in summertime to see my friend who lived there
and there it was!!! :D
It was even on a massive sale,
God, I was so happy when I saw it haha.
I love how it's in a bold blouson shape and has feminine flower pattern on it.

It's Friday already!
Go out and do some fun stuff, guys!
See you next time :)

Jacket // H&M
Necklace // H&M
Sweater // Spao
Dress // H&M
Boots // Dr.Martens
Bag // Mulberry


  1. Glad to hear you got a DREAM job in NYC ! It's not easy for anyone especially foreigner in "NY" this big city!
    You are a lucky girl! Hope you enjoy your weekend and new life in NYC!!

    1. I know I feel so blessed right now! Thank you, Joan :) I saw the UK pics you took! Those are amazying, keep them coming!!!

  2. Omg you go girl! I wish you all the best
    in designing jewelries and maybe one
    day I own an item by you c; Xx

    1. Oh it is so nice of you to say that! Thank you :) Maybe I will be able to send you some your way as a gift!!

  3. that is such a beautiful bomber jacket! love the gold threads and the bright colour :)

    Check out my blogpost on New Year and Print-Clashing trend :)
    RASSP blog


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