Monday, February 24, 2014

OOTD :: Aztec Love

This weekend I really enjoyed walking around in Manhattan with the nice weather.
It's going to be freezing cold again soon...
Enjoy when you can , right? :)

My best friend, Brie, got me a Forever 21 gift card as a birthday present
so I went shopping and found this lovely aztec patterned coat!
I am a sucker for everything southwestern sp....big yay!!

I even working on aztec jewelry at work.
I will probably try to show you guys my jewelry designs 
when I get the actual samples, 
a little give-way would be nice, yeh? :)

Hope you guys having a wonderful weekend!
Thanks for reading♥

Coat // Forever21
Sweater // Zara
Skirt // Forever21
Booties // Topshop
Bag // Mulberry


  1. I miss Manhattan.... enjoy the nice weather c:
    And always nice to receive a giftcard, especially
    from F21 :P Xx

    1. Yeh I LOVE F21 :) and the weather already got cold again!! Ay I hope this is the last time that is this cold.

  2. I love your outer soooo much!


  3. Very nice outfit ! I love aztec too !
    Giveaway on my blog ! Win a Vichy skin care product !

  4. can't wait to see ur jewelry designs!

    1. Hey Joan thank you!!! Once they come out, I will def send you some :)


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