Thursday, March 13, 2014

OOTD :: 50 Shades of Blue

I am loving the warmer weather in NY right now,
it's sprinkling a bit but I don't mind it at all.

This is what I wore last weekend for a lovely brunch in Soho,
I will upload pictures of the restaurant I went soon! :)
I bought these super cute and comfy furry leopard slip on sneakers
and the velvet skinny pants from Gap 
when they were on mad sale.
I love layering different tones of a color
like I am wearing teal-bright blue-deep blue combi.

I heard it's gonna be cold again for a while
but I am flying to Las Vegas this Friday
so...lucky me! :)
I hope I can bring back a lot to blog about in the Vegas!!

You guys stay warm, alright?
Till next time, take care!

Coat // 8 seconds
Sweat shirts // LOCLE by Low Classic
Velvet skinny pants // Gap
Leopard slip on sneakers // Gap
Bracelets // H&M(Except for the Hamsa one)
Bag // Rebecca Minkoff

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Giovanny Rana

Giovanny Rana

Hi, everybody!
A couple weeks ago, I went to Javits center to research with a few coworkers
at the JA show which is a big fine jewelry show in New York.
We decided to grab lunch in Chelsea,walked around and found Giovanny Rana.

I loved how easy to spot this restaurant
The restaurants that food bloggers blog about thesedays are most of the times,
hard to find!
It's right at the front of Chelsea market,
you can't miss it :)

Pretty simple menu, but everything sounded so good
it took me forever to pick one!

Spinach and mascarpone ravioli, Crispy Parmigiano reggiano basket
If you a cheese lover like me, this would be cheese heaven in your mouth!
The cremy mascarpone in the ravioli is nice,
The crispy-chewy parmigiano reggiano basket is phenomenal!

Squid ink linguine, Broccoli Rabe, Lobster
The pasta was cooked just right, loved the texture.
But I think Lobster meat could be a bit bigger,
they were kind of shrunk to tiny pieces.

Roasted breast of chicken, Kale, Bacon, Sweet potatoes
This would be the most healthy choice out of 4 dishes,
the chicken is so tender and juicy.
The combination of crunchy kale chips, creamy kale purée 
and roasted sweet potato was great!

Pumpkin ravioli,Parmigiano reggiano,Toasted sunflower seeds
This was what I ordered and I kind of stole a little bit of what my friends ordered :)
This one doesn't look so cheesy but it actually is.
The toasted sunflower seeds give that nice crunchiness and nutty flavor.
Pretty heavy, but they served just the right amount.

I loved the warm, cozy feeling in the restaurant.

Oh, and they use fresh pasta!
The pasta making machine and tools in the past are at every corner,
it's almost like a pasta museum.
You can also get it to go and it would be much cheaper.

It got really busy when I was there around 1pm on the weekend,
it was pretty hard to get the server's attention 
and the service was pretty ordinary.
Except for that, I really enjoyed there :)

Thanks for reading!!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

OOTD :: Furry Sunday

Hi, guys!
Today I want to share what I wore for New York Fashion Week a while ago.

As you can guess from my outfit, it was pretty chilly.
I love anything with numbers these days from t-shirts to sweaters
just like mine that I am wearing :)
This velvet skinny pants I bought from Gap not too long ago is so warm, such a life saver!
I love my fur coats but I didn't really get to wear them much this winter.
I tend to throw two outers on when it's really really cold
and it has been that cold the whole time!
You can layer an outer underneath a fur coat so...
Anyways, I was glad I had it on.

It's finally getting warmed up in New York finally.
I can't wait to be in a bit warmer weather with lighter clothes on...
I hope you guys are having wonderful weekend!

Fur Coat // H&M
Sweater // Forever 21
Pants // Gap
Boots // Forever21
Bag // Mulberry
Gloves // Zara

Saturday, March 8, 2014



Today I want to introduce you this little casual thai restaurant called "Pinto"
It's in west village, one of my favorite areas in Manhattan.

118 Christopher St New York, NY 10014 
(between Bedford St & Bleecker St)

I have to warn you,
it's pretty hard to find.
It took me 30 mins because there is no proper sign or anything
and google maps was leading me so many different directions.
But trust me, it was definitely worth it!! :)

The interior is modern and cozy at the same time.
I recommend you to get a table right by the window.
There are only one or two tables, 
you know that gives you and your company a little bit more of privacy
plus you can peoplewatch :)
The servers are nice enough to come pretty often to check on you. 

A small house salad comes with every meal.
Choose an appetizer, one main course and what kind of meat you want.
I picked organic tofu in my Pad thai.

And grab a thai iced tea!
They give you ice cubes that are made of the tea, the tea, cream and syrup separate.
I felt so fancy haha

Mushroom Crunch!
So good with the sesames all over :)

Especially with the creamy sauce that they give you,
it's sensational!

I had this papaya salad almost everyday while I was in Thailand last summer.
I just love how it's tangy, spicy, sweet and nutty at the same time!

And my Pad thai was a killer!!!!

The meal at Pinto was very satisfying.
Especially because it was $8.
The servings there isn't huge like other american restaurants,
but you get decent amount!

If you want to find out more about this restaurant 
here's their website

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Stumptown Coffee Roasters 

Hi, guys!
If I could tell you only one thing about me,
it would be that I love food.
I become the happiest person in front of good food.
I am definitely a foodie :)
So I decided to share my good food spot list with you guys.

I have to start with a good coffee spot
simply because I LOVE coffee.

I've heard about Stumptown many many times
but I had no chance to check it out.
When I finally got to do it, it became my favorite coffee shop!

There are two in NYC, the one I went to is on 29th.

They have pretty postcards for you for free!
When I went back to Korea for two long years after the internship in Florida,
I used to write lots of postcards to the friends I met during the internship
and I still love writing postcards :)

Somehow the baristas were wearing like 90's,
I wonder if they have some kind of dress code that day maybe?
But I am a 90's kid anyways, I didn't mind it at all!

I would say the price range isn't bad at all for a good cup of coffee.

I got Joe an iced latte and got an iced americano for myself.
They make better latte.
I loved the thick and nutty taste :)

They only have standing tables but what I love about this coffee shop especially
is that you can get your coffee to go 
and drink it in the Ace hotel lobby!
Where I personally think it is a pretty cool spot to hang out with your loved ones.
I just fell in love with their interior, 
the library desks, cozy leather couches and more.
They even have a photo booth :D I couldn't resist taking one with Joe!

In the same building, there is an Opening Ceremony store,
which is one of my favorite selection shops.
So, drop by OC when you are done with the coffee,
see what other cool stuff is around :)

If you are a coffee lover like me and have Stumptown Coffee Roasters in town,
definitely give it a try!
If not, it can always be in your bucket list when you get to travel :)
Find out more on their website

Thanks for reading.
Till next time, take care!