Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Giovanny Rana

Giovanny Rana

Hi, everybody!
A couple weeks ago, I went to Javits center to research with a few coworkers
at the JA show which is a big fine jewelry show in New York.
We decided to grab lunch in Chelsea,walked around and found Giovanny Rana.

I loved how easy to spot this restaurant
The restaurants that food bloggers blog about thesedays are most of the times,
hard to find!
It's right at the front of Chelsea market,
you can't miss it :)

Pretty simple menu, but everything sounded so good
it took me forever to pick one!

Spinach and mascarpone ravioli, Crispy Parmigiano reggiano basket
If you a cheese lover like me, this would be cheese heaven in your mouth!
The cremy mascarpone in the ravioli is nice,
The crispy-chewy parmigiano reggiano basket is phenomenal!

Squid ink linguine, Broccoli Rabe, Lobster
The pasta was cooked just right, loved the texture.
But I think Lobster meat could be a bit bigger,
they were kind of shrunk to tiny pieces.

Roasted breast of chicken, Kale, Bacon, Sweet potatoes
This would be the most healthy choice out of 4 dishes,
the chicken is so tender and juicy.
The combination of crunchy kale chips, creamy kale purée 
and roasted sweet potato was great!

Pumpkin ravioli,Parmigiano reggiano,Toasted sunflower seeds
This was what I ordered and I kind of stole a little bit of what my friends ordered :)
This one doesn't look so cheesy but it actually is.
The toasted sunflower seeds give that nice crunchiness and nutty flavor.
Pretty heavy, but they served just the right amount.

I loved the warm, cozy feeling in the restaurant.

Oh, and they use fresh pasta!
The pasta making machine and tools in the past are at every corner,
it's almost like a pasta museum.
You can also get it to go and it would be much cheaper.

It got really busy when I was there around 1pm on the weekend,
it was pretty hard to get the server's attention 
and the service was pretty ordinary.
Except for that, I really enjoyed there :)

Thanks for reading!!

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