Sunday, March 2, 2014

Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Stumptown Coffee Roasters 

Hi, guys!
If I could tell you only one thing about me,
it would be that I love food.
I become the happiest person in front of good food.
I am definitely a foodie :)
So I decided to share my good food spot list with you guys.

I have to start with a good coffee spot
simply because I LOVE coffee.

I've heard about Stumptown many many times
but I had no chance to check it out.
When I finally got to do it, it became my favorite coffee shop!

There are two in NYC, the one I went to is on 29th.

They have pretty postcards for you for free!
When I went back to Korea for two long years after the internship in Florida,
I used to write lots of postcards to the friends I met during the internship
and I still love writing postcards :)

Somehow the baristas were wearing like 90's,
I wonder if they have some kind of dress code that day maybe?
But I am a 90's kid anyways, I didn't mind it at all!

I would say the price range isn't bad at all for a good cup of coffee.

I got Joe an iced latte and got an iced americano for myself.
They make better latte.
I loved the thick and nutty taste :)

They only have standing tables but what I love about this coffee shop especially
is that you can get your coffee to go 
and drink it in the Ace hotel lobby!
Where I personally think it is a pretty cool spot to hang out with your loved ones.
I just fell in love with their interior, 
the library desks, cozy leather couches and more.
They even have a photo booth :D I couldn't resist taking one with Joe!

In the same building, there is an Opening Ceremony store,
which is one of my favorite selection shops.
So, drop by OC when you are done with the coffee,
see what other cool stuff is around :)

If you are a coffee lover like me and have Stumptown Coffee Roasters in town,
definitely give it a try!
If not, it can always be in your bucket list when you get to travel :)
Find out more on their website

Thanks for reading.
Till next time, take care!

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