Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Happy New Year everyone!
I finally decided to come back to blogging world after a long long break.
It took me quite a lot of thinking and courage..but I am happy to be here writing again!
Here are my New Year's Resolutions.

1.Be Fitter.

I used to work out at least 5 times a week. I would simply exercise at the gym, swim or even go hiking.With the new career and settling in another country, it has been pretty hard for me to go to gym regularly in the past year during the weekday. 
I'm going to start getting up a little bit earlier and working out at home.I've been trying numerous different green smoothies for the past year, and I learned that what you eat is truly what you are! My favorite combination for green smoothie is pineapple + carrot + ginger + baby spanich + coconut water + Honey:) So this year I will be working on some healthy recipes, too. 
Oh last but not least, I am going to intentionally drink more water and stay hydrated.I don't feel thirsty easily and I also drink a lot of coffee and tea.As a result, I get dehydrated without even knowing. 

2.Stay Inspired.

This was the biggest issue for me in 2014.I got myself stressed out over writing & posting, and kinda lost the interest on blogging. If you are a blogger, you would understand what I'm talking about and how I felt during that time.
As one of a few solutions, I am going to read more in 2015. There's a saying "Reading books is like dreaming with eyes open" and I totally agree. I literally have a list that I want to read, and I am going to read at least one book every two weeks. 
I think sharing inspirations here on my blog will help me remind myself where I get inspirations from. This way, I can stay inspired while I inspire others too!

3.Explore More.

I really hope I would be able to see more of the world and I will try my best to make it happen! 
This also means that I will be going out of my comfort zone and trying new things. 
It could be new places, new dishes and new brands that I've never tried before.

4.Be Organized.

I've moved into a new house not too long ago. Until just recently, I still had boxes and bags of stuff around me, and I had an excuse to kinda put things everywhere.I now realized how much effort and time consuming it was to clean up the mess I made all at once. It's just a lot easier if I get tidy tidy every day.
I also started donating clothes that I don't wear anymore to H&M.You can bring your old clothes, bed sheets and any fabric to one of the H&M store near you, they recycle them and give you 15% discount coupons. More about it here.
On another note, I sell my clothes, accessories and bags on Depop, which is a mobile app. 
I think It's a great way to offer people some of my old cool stuff. If you are interested, you can find me @vickykimthekorean on Depop.

Do you have any New Year's Resolution?

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