Monday, January 12, 2015


I have so many black clothes and accessories 
and I am not the only one, right?
I got this furry jacket in white color to brighten up my winter look.
It's been keep me so cozy and warm, I love it!

Stripe T-shirt // Zara
Lacy Sleeveless // H&M 
Disco Pants // H&M
Boots // Zara
Bag // Mulberry
Nails // Essie - Find Me an Oasis


  1. Hiya Vicky! Long time no see c: I hope you are
    doing alright in NY! You look great in that fluffy
    cardigan really ^___^ Xx

    1. Ah so glad to see you here again. I am doing good!
      Thanks a lot for the comment :)


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